You and I are having dinner with Sam, an old friend of yours. It's going great, the food is delicious, the wine is perfect, the conversation is stimulating and full of laughs. Sam is handsome and charismatic. His charm is turned up all the way, and you can see I'm entranced.

After our meals are finished, and we've ordered coffee and dessert, I excuse myself to use the restroom. While I'm away Sam turns to you and changes the subject.

"Your boy seems so nice."

"Thanks," you reply, "yes, Calvin is very nice. He is a lot of fun to be around, and he is a very good boy. He does his chores without complaint or needing to be reminded. He always says please and thank you. And he is very very obedient. Anything I tell him to do, he will do without question."

Sam smiles. "...anything?"

When I return to the table there is a heavy pause, then you reach out your hand, squeeze mine and smile.

"Calvin," you say, "you know me and Sam go way back, and that I would do anything for him."

"Yes, of course." I reply.

"I've offered to let him borrow you for an evening."


"Yes, Calvin. Once dinner is over, you will be with Sam for the rest of the night. You will do anything he asks you to do, and you will treat it like it was a command from me."

I turn red, turn to Sam, and then back to you. I swallow deeply, pull my shoulders back to correct my posture, and with my head up at attention I look directly into your eyes.

"Yes. Of course I will, sir. It would be my pleasure."

Sam laughs as he brings his wine glass to his lips. "Actually, Calvin...I think it's going to be my pleasure tonight."

After dessert and coffee, and conversation that quickly went from awkward back to comfortable, the bill is paid and as we leave you and I hold hands. We get outside and are waiting for a taxi. You pull your hand away and step back so I'm closer to Sam than you. He puts his arm around my shoulder.

"Come out with us," Sam says to you.

"No," you smile, "don't worry about me."

"I'm not worried, Scotty," Sam laughs, "I want you to come out with us. You've known me long enough that I don't invite people out of pity."

We pile into the back seat, me in the middle, the two of you on either side. Sam places his hand just above my knee, and starts rubbing my thigh.

"What do you think?" you ask over me.

"I think I like him." Sam smiles and I blush.

We get to Sam's favorite night club, and the guy at the door waves us in as we cut in line. The music is pumping as bright purple, pink, blue, red and yellow lights flash.

Sam buys us a round of drinks, but then leans over to you and says in your ear, "Now you get to watch." He looks you in the eyes and you nod in understanding. You tap my shoulder and wave to me as you start to walk across the club.

Sam takes my hand and signals for me to finish my drink. I gulp it down. The loud beats, and the bright lights and the alcohol go to my head, and I feel myself floating onto the dance floor with Sam.

Our bodies begin to move to the beat. Our hips swing and dip in unison, and we slowly gravitate toward each other. Our bodies get closer and closer, until one of Sam's hands is around my waist, and mine are on his shoulders. One song fades into the next with pulsing rhythms that you can feel through your body. As far as the beats know, mine and Sam's bodies are so close to each other that we could be one person.

We are sweating, thrusting our hips, twisting our bodies, and breathing hard. Sam brushes his nose against mine. I turn my head and look over to you. His nose runs up my long neck. As your eyes meet mine from across the room, Sam kisses my neck and my lips part as I gasp. We continue to dance as he nibbles and bites and sucks on my neck. My eyes close from the pleasure.

Throughout the night Sam and I dance as you watch. We take breaks and come over to you with our hands held. Sam buys every drink the three of us consume. You stay at the table, you don't dance, you just watch. You watch my body as it relates to another man's body. I dance with Sam. I grind against Sam. I sweat and pant with Sam. I am kissed and touched by Sam.

Near the end of the night, as we sip our drinks, your eyes meet mine. Our burning eye contact is broken when Sam asks "Are you ready to go home?"

We both turn to look at him looking at me. I smile at Sam. I lean in, cup my hand to his face, and I kiss him. Our lips part slightly when we kiss, and welcome each other with a soft firmness. Our tongues are quick to follow, traversing the space between our flooding lips, and finding each other. The wet muscles meet and touch each other. They immediately give into the sensations of contact and wrestle together. Sam pulls me into his embrace as we kiss each other deeply. Sam leans into me, and I take his tongue into my mouth. Then I press back and bite his lower lip, as he welcomes the affection. Small kisses linger for a few moments, before I pull away looking down, and then up into his eyes.

"Yes." I say. "I am ready to go home with you, Sam."

The three of us walk out and catch a cab together. My heart is yours? The cab drives closer and closer to your home. You and Sam have gotten into a polite conversation about something I can't pay attention to, because I'm thinking about you, and I'm thinking about Sam's fingers, fondling my ear.

When you talk, Sam steals a kiss on my neck, or bites the ear he's been playing with. He becomes bolder, and rubs up and down my thigh above my knee. Every few passes up and down he continues either past my knee, or up to my lap, feeling how swollen I am.

The cab arrives at your place. You unbuckle and smile goodnight to us. I should be getting out too. I should walk up the steps with you. But I stay in the car. I am Sam's tonight.

The cab drives away from you.

Late the next morning I come home, and you ask a few weak questions about the night, but I don't really answer with any clear information. I say I'm tired, and I go to take a nap. Ten minutes later you open the bedroom door to check on me, I'm asleep on my back, with my arms and legs sprawled across the bed. My light cotton T-shirt is hiked up a bit, so you can see my tight tummy rising and falling as I breathe deeply. You can see the outline of my cock pressed against my tight red undies.

Late morning turns into early afternoon, which turns into late afternoon, and as the sun is setting I sleepily stumble into the living room where you're trying to read a book. I crawl onto the couch and curl up on your lap.

Your fingers swirl around my ear...the one Sam was biting in the car. Slowly, over time, my fingers find the button of your pants, and uncouple it from its hole. Your zipper is slowly pulled down, and by the time my slow fingers pull your cock out of your boxers, you're already pretty swollen.

With my head half on your lap, my fingers slide up and down your shaft. I stare at it grow bigger and bigger from my soft strokes. You're playing with my hair, and my ear. Every few strokes, my fingers keep going up and brush against your purple head, or keep going down, and lightly swirl around your balls.

Eventually you ask, "do you want to tell me about what happened with Sam?"

Instead of opening up my mouth to say anything, my lips part and wrap around the head of your cock. My slow and light rubbing of your smooth shaft has primed you, so when you feel the wet warmth of my mouth, your release is nearly instant. You cum and cum and cum inside of my mouth. I keep your cock inside of me for several minutes, and feel your cock pump out a little bit more cum from time to time. When you start to deflate, I sit up, and say "I'm going to take a shower, Scotty."

Over the rest of the weekend, if you bring up Sam at all, I change the subject by giving myself to you physically. Passionate kisses at the dining room table. A handjob in the parking lot of the grocery store. Fucking my ass over the island in the kitchen while we're cooking dinner. We burnt the rice while the rest of dinner sat uncooked, and we had to order take-out. You start to wonder and worry what happened at Sam's? What did he do to me?

Receiving a DVD in the mail from Sam on Tuesday morning does not make you feel any less calm. As you open it, and place it in the DVD player, you wonder if you're ready to see what will happen.

The DVD is broken up into eleven videos, between twenty and forty five minutes in length. It takes you a week to go through all the videos, watching them in private without me knowing you have it.

The first video shows Sam leading me into his bedroom, and stopping me at the foot of his bed. He looks me over, and starts to touch my shoulders and chest. He leans in and whispers in my ear. "Stay perfectly still, until I tell you to move."

"Yes, sir." I reply obediently.

Sam bites my ear , and starts kissing and licking my neck, as he starts to unbutton my shirt. I reach for his clothes, but he orders me to stay still.

It's a slow and sensual and caring undressing, with kisses and licks as he explores the skin that he is exposing. My perky little nipples, my smooth bare tummy. He circles around and kisses and caresses my back, before he unbuckles my belt from behind, and lets my pants fall to the floor.

His hands explore my legs, and my bright red undies. He lowers to his knees, and now explores the same parts of me with his lips and tongue. His fingers slip under the elastic of my undies, and I give out a sigh. Stay still, he repeats his command.

Soon, his fondling of my under my undies leads to him pushing the fabric over my erect cock, and has me step out of it. The rest of this video is a long and sensual blowjob. Sam sucks my cock with care, and it's clear I'm just barely holding it together, standing still while filled with pleasure.

The second video features Sam sitting on the edge of the bed, naked as I return his favor in the first video. Sam does not sit still, instead he gropes at me, slaps my ass, bucks his hips in pleasure and moans loudly as I serve him and his hard throbbing cock.

The third video shows some sort of wrestling game on the bed, in which Sam and I grapple and tumble ontop of each other, pinning each other down until we're able to wriggle free. It seems like the goal is to penetrate the other with our hard cocks. We each get hits in each other's mouths and asses. Sam is successful more frequently than I am, but I hold my own.

The fourth video is a second blow job for Sam. My mouth slobbering all over his hard cock. My tongue spends fifteen minutes massaging his asshole, which he loves. Afterwards, Sam fucks my mouth with a new-found energy.

I am the star of the fifth video, in which Sam, off camera, commands me to touch myself. I refuse, and he flirtily spends the rest of the video trying to convince me. I clearly love the attention. I'm smiling and laughing into the camera. He's very persuasive, but I stay resolute while flirting back. At one point his hand comes into frame, and strokes my hard cock. I go off, screaming and moaning with pleasure.

The sixth video is a bird's eye-view of Sam's bed. I'm lying on my back, as Sam continues to jerk me off. I'm wriggling with pleasure. Moaning, my face contorts with every sensational stroke. A few times, the back of Sam's head overs my crotch as he takes my hard cock in his mouth. My hips buck up, my eyes are clenched shut as I scream! A half hour into the video, my moans and screams change, louder, and higher in pitch. A sound you have grown very accustomed to. I cum globs of white cum onto my tummy, my chest and a few drops reach my face. Sam licks it all up.

In the seventh video, Sam and I make out. A long sensual and sloppy make out session. We spend an inordinate amount of time sucking on each other's tongues, biting each others' lips, licking each other's necks. Small pecks, and meaty french kisses. We show no sign of getting bored or slowing down. Our eyes closed with passion when kissing, but from time to time, we open our eyes, and stare into each other, and laugh little jokes to each other.

The eighth video, we are sitting shoulder to shoulder on Sam's carpeted floor, at the foot of his bed, eating ice cream out of the carton, and watching porn. It's clear from the sounds, that it's a video of Sam with some other man. We laugh and gasp, and stay transfixed by the video.

In the ninth video, we are asleep, spooning on Sam's bed. Peaceful. Content.

The light has changed in the tenth video, and it's clearly early morning. The warm light makes my skin radiate as Sam fucks me in the ass. I scream out words like "yes!" "please!" and "fuck!" Sam grunts as he pulls my hair, or pumps my cock from time to time. Suddenly he shudders and stops thrusting. He presses his hips deep against my soft round rear, and gives out a loud moan. I push back against him, and feel his cum gush into my hole.

The final video is us in the shower together. Sam is behind me, and has lathered me up. He pumps my hard cock with a soft passion as water cascades down our bodies. Ropes of goo explode from my head as I cum for a second time in these videos.

You never tell me about Sam's video. I never know you know what the night was like. You know that it was a magical night of sexual fun, and that I feel guilty enjoying another man so much.

You keep this in your pocket. If you're particularly horny, you mention Sam, either directly addressing the night, or just saying you spoke to him the night before, or you saw him at the gym. Without fail the mention of Sam brings me to my knees and I am yours to do with as you wish.

Once a year, at your annual holiday party you host at your home, all of our friends visit for an evening of drinking, singing, and fun. Every year, at some point, you pull me aside, or touch me lightly on the shoulder while in the middle of the conversation and you say, "Sam wasn't feeling well, and he went to lie down in the guest bedroom. Could you check on him, Calvin?" An annual gift to Sam, and an annual gift to me, I spend a few hours in the guest bedroom with him. This time, we are not video taped, and what we do you never know. But you know it will keep the guilt alive inside of me, so you can fuck me whenever you want just at the mention of your good friend...

...Sam." & u=4701 & uid=217081 Rogge

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