We were just hanging out at the hotel bar grabbing a quick drink when we met another couple who seemed to be about our age. They were from the Midwest and very friendly. She was a brunette with brown eyes, and was about 5' 3" with average sized boobs. He had brown hair, blue eyes and was about 6' feet tall and seemed very fit. We were just talking about how great the hotel was and how nice the pool was during the day.

Jay said he noticed us earlier in the day because we were always laughing and really seemed to enjoy each other's company. Ashley was talking to you about her job as a teacher and how she had relatively small class sizes compared to you, but the kids in general were not as good as they used to be. "Last call!" The bartender looked over and we ordered one more round.

The Bulleit was definitely kicking my ass, but we weren't driving anywhere, so I figured I could handle one more. You and Ashley were loving the Sauvignon Blanc and giggled as you ordered another glass each even though you still had glasses that were half full. Jay was drinking beer and grabbed another bottle as well.

We continued chatting together and the conversation flowed so easily. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was that we had a lot in common. It didn't really matter what the reason was, and we had nowhere to be in the morning, so we continued the banter until we all ran out of alcohol. We started to say our goodnights when Ashley said, "Hey, we actually have some more drinks in our room if you want to hang out a little longer."

I glanced in your direction because I assumed you'd be tired, but before I could even ask you if you wanted one more drink, you blurted out," Yes! That sounds great!"

I laughed with Jay and he patted my shoulder and said, "Seems like the ladies want to keep the party going!"

We made our way into the elevator and Ashley pushed the button for floor 10. We were actually on the same floor so you laughed and said, "oh good, I'm just gonna run to our room first and put on some flip- flops because these shoes are killing me!"

We all got out of the elevator and realized our rooms were only a few doors apart. Jay left the door propped open for you as we made our way inside. It was a nice 1 bedroom suite like ours with a small kitchen and a nice living room area. There were two couches in and "L" shape that each had enough room for two people. Jay got me a beer and sat down next to me while Ashley opened another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and filled two glasses.

You knocked on the door and then walked in and made a "kissy" face in my direction as you took a seat on the vacant couch in your pretty blue sundress. Your breasts looked amazing as usual and I was just staring at you when Ashley sat down and handed you another glass of wine. "Good thing we only have to walk a few feet! I might be carrying this one home later," I joked to Jay.

He asked if you were a lightweight and I said, "Actually I'm probably more of a lightweight than she is and that whiskey is kicking my ass!"

We were both wearing casual shorts and short sleeved dress shirts. My shirt was a light blue with some hints of green while his shirt was a dark red with a gingham pattern throughout. Ashley sat down next to you in her tiny black skirt and light purple top as you clinked your glasses and said, "Cheers! To new friends!"

I got a vibe from Ashley and Jay that they were looking for a little more than friendship, but they were really nice and polite. If they were looking for something more, at least they were both good looking and in shape. I kept looking in your direction because I thought it was also a little strange that the boys were on one couch and the girls were on the other instead of sitting as couples, but you seemed to be having fun, and you were actually the one who decided to keep the night going.

We kept talking about sports and our jobs while you had moved on to TV shows and movies. Ashley moved her hand to your leg every time you made her laugh and it seemed like it was getting higher and higher each time. It must've been a Midwest thing because Jay kept smacking my knee and thigh every time he laughed as well. He let it linger a little too long at one point and I shifted my weight a little bit and took another sip of my beer.

He asked me if I worked out and I told him about our Peloton and the gym classes that I took, and he said he had a gym in his basement and did his own workouts. He then lifted his shirt and showed off some nice abs and a muscular chest. He looked my way and said, "Let me see if that Peloton is worth all that money!"

I laughed and lifted my shirt as well. I heard you whistle and I smiled at you as he reached across and moved his hand across my chest down my stomach to the top of my shorts. I looked at you with an inquisitive face as I pulled my shirt back down and you just kinda laughed.

Jay turned to Ashley and said, "Damn, maybe we need a Peloton, babe! You see this guy?"

She replied, "I didn't see enough because he pulled his shirt down too quickly!"

We all laughed and I think we were all pretty drunk at this point. Ashley asked you to go out to the balcony with her to get some fresh air and I squeezed your ass when you got up and walked by me. You raised your eyebrows and knew that I wanted you. I said, "Maybe like 30 more minutes hon? I'd like to run in the morning!"

"Yes, that sounds good. The wine is starting to catch up to me."

Ashley closed the glass door behind you and Jay slid about a foot closer to me. I moved back slightly and he had his hand on my leg again. "You ok, dude?" I asked.

He grinned and said, "More than OK over here."

He moved his hand up my leg and gently squeezed my cock through my shorts. I pushed his hand away and said, "I think you have the wrong idea. Sorry."

He said, "I don't think I do actually. I bet you'll enjoy yourself."

I laughed and replied, "I'm good. I enjoy my wife."

"Of course you do, and I enjoy Ashley very much. She's beautiful. Sometimes it's just nice to try new things. Have you ever been with another man?"

"No, I have not. Not interested. I like women way too much."

He laughed again and said, "I bet you'd like me too."

He took his phone out of his pocket and set a timer for 10 seconds. He added, "Let me touch you for just 10 seconds and if you want me to stop, I will."

"No, I'm good, Jay. Thanks for the offer though."

This guy was really aggressive and assertive because his hand went right back to my crotch as he pressed the start button on the timer. I went to move his hand away again, but he actually took his left hand and grabbed my hand forcefully while rubbing my crotch with his right. I was startled for a few seconds when he grabbed me like that, but I also noticed that his other hand felt pretty good on me.

6...5...4... He finally let go of my hand and I didn't push him away. 3...2...1... then a bell-like sound to let us know time was up. He removed his hand and we both could see that he created a bulge in my shorts. I tried to cover it with my shirt, and he just laughed and said, "Looks like you enjoyed yourself more than you thought you would."

"No, I was just looking out the window at Sue, and she always gets me going."

"Yeah OK. Wanna go for another 10 and not look at your wife?"

I actually thought that was pretty funny, but before I could even reply, he was on me again as the timer ticked down in front of me. I protested again, "Please stop. I'm not into guys."

I was pushing his hand away even as I felt myself stirring down below. He felt me growing under his touch and sarcastically said, "Sue again?"

I didn't know how to respond, but thankfully the timer dinged again and he removed his hand from my swollen cock. "You're welcome," he said as I was slightly stunned and a tiny bit curious.

"Jay, I appreciate your interest, but this just isn't my thing. I'm sorry."

He just ignored everything I said and asked me, "How about 20 seconds this time?"

The timer was already set to 20 seconds, and I was too drunk to even respond. 20...19...18...his right hand was fumbling with my belt and he was massaging my cock again with his left. "What are you doing? No. Through my shorts only."

He laughed and said, "You just said you weren't interested a few seconds ago, and now it's OK as long as it's through your shorts? That didn't take too long!"

I didn't even realize what the hell I said. Why was I giving in? He was very assertive, but still, it wasn't right even if it felt really good. Maybe I had way more bourbon than I remember, but my mind was racing with dirty and inappropriate thoughts. I grabbed his hand again and removed it from my belt. "My shorts are staying on."

He was still rubbing my crotch through my shorts and my cock was at full attention. His strong hand actually felt amazing on me. 9...8...7... I unknowingly started to move my hips as he ran his hand back and forth along my entire length and down to my balls. Ding! Saved by the bell!

I couldn't believe how pushy this guy was. I got up to grab another beer and he followed me into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and bent down to see the beer choices on the bottom shelf. I felt his hand on my ass and I spun around quickly as he leaned in and tried to kiss me. I pulled away, but he pushed me up against the counter and put his hands under my shirt and played with my stomach and massaged my chest.

His thumb lightly brushed one of my nipples and I felt it stiffen immediately as I felt his hand grabbing at my belt. This guy was like a relentless octopus. I would move one hand away and another one would be touching me somewhere else.

"Jay, I'm not into it. I told you already."

But even as the words came out, my erect cock told the both of us that I was lying. He grabbed my ass with both hands and pushed his body against me. His chest was firm, but I could feel that he was even harder down below when he leaned into me. I couldn't help but wonder how big he was down there. What was wrong with me? He tried to kiss my mouth again, but I spun out of the way and left the kitchen.

He grabbed my hand and pushed it against his large bulge. I ripped it away and he laughed and said, "You're gonna give in eventually."

"I don't think so, Jay. You're a nice guy, and good looking, but I prefer women. I'm sorry."

"Speaking of women, where are the girls?" I inquired

I moved back toward the living room and slid open the door and joined you and Ashley on the balcony. I gave you a kiss and Ashley excused herself to go back inside. "This dude is crazy. He keeps grabbing my cock and tried to kiss me!"

You just laughed and said, "What are you talking about? Are you serious!?"

"Yes, hon. I am dead serious. He grabbed me and tried to undo my shorts."

I could tell by your face that you were actually turned on by it. "What did you do?" you asked me with a cute little grin.

"I pushed him away and told him I liked women. What do you think I said?"

"I bet he was disappointed!"

"Hon, I'm being serious. He's very aggressive."

"I'm being serious, too. I bet he was disappointed! I think it's hot!" you said with a giggle.

Ashley came back outside and you motioned for me to go back inside with Jay. I walked back inside to find him sitting on the couch in just his shorts. Why did this dude take his shirt off?

"It's hot in here, and the AC isn't working. Why don't you join me?"

It was actually hot, so I stripped my shirt off and sat on the opposite couch. I was alone for about 17 seconds before he was sitting beside me and pawing at my shorts again. He certainly knew what he wanted as his hands groped my crotch and made my cock grow against his big hand.

I made eye contact with you through the glass and you just opened your mouth in shock at what you were witnessing. I was distracted as he continued to massage my cock through my shorts and he leaned in again and tried for another kiss. This time my mouth slowly parted and he pushed his tongue inside and sucked my tongue with his lips. I pulled back again, and pleaded, "Stop. Please stop. I don't want this. It's not right."

"I think you do, Steven. You're rock hard."

He wasn't wrong. My cock was pushing against my shorts as he continued to rub it while I lamely tried to move his hand away. He undid my belt again and quickly unzipped my shorts. I grabbed his hand and told him that my shorts were staying on. He just laughed and slid his other hand into my shorts and began to stroke me through my silky boxer briefs.

"This is wrong, Jay. Please. That's enough."

I squirmed away, but he just moved closer and continued to massage me with expertise. I was starting to break and he sensed it.

He kept rubbing me and I stopped trying to move his hand. There was now just a thin layer of fabric between his hand and my cock, and it felt incredible. "OK Jay, but you have to stay above my boxers."

Why did it feel so good when it was so wrong? He ignored my request and reached into my boxer briefs with his right hand. He grabbed my dick and started to stroke me up and down. I again told him that he had to stay above my underwear, but my cock was aching and his talented hand felt so good on me. He knew exactly what he was doing, and I liked it even if I pretended that I didn't.

"Stop. I can't do this. It's too much. Please stop."

Jay ignored me yet again and yanked my shorts down to my knees. I tried to stop him, but he just tugged them to the floor and returned his attention to my cock which I had covered again with my boxer briefs. He leaned in and had his mouth a few inches from mine.

"What are you doing to me?" I whispered.

I now found myself lifting my ass off the couch and pushing my cock against his strong fingers. He had a firm grasp on my entire cock and started to shuffle back and forth through my silky undies. He reached into my boxer briefs again and pulled out my rigid cock. He began to stroke me all the way down to my balls and then all the way back over my head.

"No, please. I don't want this." I protested again, but he just laughed and continued to manipulate me.

I was losing control and fucked his fingers as my hips rocked back and forth. I was so turned on that I didn't even notice that you and Ashley had come inside and were sitting on the other couch together.

You turned to her and said, "This is so fucking hot!"

She replied, "Oh I know. I loved watching Jay get jerked off by a man for the first time too. It's so erotic and animalistic!"

"And I bet they know what feels good with all the practice they get with their own equipment," you said with a laugh.

"Absolutely! I love watching Jay do it. But I think he's enjoying your husband's cock even more. He was thinking about this all day by the pool," Ashley added.

"Wow, are you serious? I like that. Steven does have a great cock!" you answered.

Jay leaned down, and kissed my chest and stomach with his tongue. I was squirming underneath him when moved his mouth lower and licked the head of my cock. Before I could say a word, he swallowed my entire length into his warm mouth. I was stunned and aroused and didn't know what to do. I gasped as my head fell back against the couch and he worked me in and out of his lips. I knew this wasn't the first time he sucked cock and I was thankful for his skills. A few moments had passed when I sat up abruptly.

"Stop! Just use your hand. Please stop."

He very slowly and reluctantly slipped me out of his mouth, and said he just wanted to wet me, but I grabbed his hair and pulled him away from my cock that was now glistening with his spit. I glanced your way, and you seemed a bit disappointed, but I really didn't think I could allow it even though I was thoroughly enjoying that blowjob. Getting stroked off was already more than I ever thought I'd allow, but now I was way too aroused to stop.

My cock was throbbing and I desperately needed to cum. Jay finally listened, and took me back into his hand as I shoved my silk boxer briefs down to my ankles to give him better access to me. I didn't need to pretend that I didn't want it anymore because it was obvious to everyone that I did. And I wanted it bad. I kicked my underwear aside, spread my thighs, and leaned back into the couch.

His grip was strong but he held me with just the right amount of pressure. It felt much different than your hand, but maybe it was because his hand was bigger and he was able to hold more of me. He slowly moved me up and down and I was watching my cock disappear into his fist over and over.

I looked over at you and noticed your fingers between your legs above your sundress. You were squeezing your thighs together, and your mouth was slightly open as you seemed mesmerized by the activities on the other couch.

Ashley smiled at you and said, "Are you enjoying the show, Sue?"

"More than you could even imagine," you replied.

She leaned in and planted a soft kiss on your lips and touched your half-exposed thigh. You pressed your lips against hers and pushed your tongue inside her sweet mouth. She held the side of your face with both of her tiny hands and sucked on your lower lip.

You slowly pulled away and said, "You feel amazing, but I need to watch Steven cum. It's such a major turn on. We can get back to each other soon enough."

That got me hot and I started thrusting my hips to match his long strokes. We were in perfect sync which made sense since I'm sure he jerked himself off thousands of times like I had. He spit on the head of my cock and got me nice and slick. He started stroking me up and over my engorged head and it felt fucking incredible.

I could see the veins in his biceps as he continued to pull my cock up and down at just the right pace. I definitely felt a little vulnerable because he was in control and I wasn't going to last much longer. I looked down and saw a big bulge in his shorts and knew that he was enjoying himself as well. I wondered again what his cock looked like and I thought about reaching into his shorts to get a better view and a quick feel.

I was now lifting my ass up off the couch and fucking his strong hand as fast as I could. He pushed me back down and said, "Let me do the work. You just enjoy it."

I did as I was told and he stroked me faster and faster as I was gasping for breath.

"Oh fuck. Oh my God. I'm gonna cum so fucking hard. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Just like that, Jay."

He continued to jerk my cock as I leaned forward and kissed his mouth hard. Our lips mashed together while our tongues intertwined. My hands moved down his bare back and into his shorts as I cupped his ass and spread his cheeks. I wondered if Ashley fucked his ass the way you fucked mine and that image was going to send me over the edge.

I fantasized about you bending me over the couch and fucking me from behind while watching Ashley pound Jay in the same manner on the other couch, and it was driving me crazy. I imagined kissing him while we both got fucked by our hot wives. My hands were glued to his tight ass and I spread him wider and wider as my tongue darted in and out of his mouth. He started massaging my balls with his left hand while he continued to stroke me up and down with his right.

It felt so good and I suddenly had a burning desire to feel his mouth and tongue on me again. I was so close to cumming, and the thought of sending my entire load down this man's throat made me hot. I didn't want him to stop touching me though, so I just held his cheeks apart and imagined Ashley ass-fucking him with a giant strap-on.

I started bucking my hips again and watched him play with my cock. I stared down as my engorged head poked through his cupped hand and then disappeared back inside it. Over and over my dick played hide and seek with his fist as his left index finger began to massage the smooth, soft skin between my balls and my ass. I felt my asshole quiver with excitement as he inched closer and closer with every passing second. I watched my cock slide back and forth under his expert touch as I thrusted my hips and matched his every stroke.











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