The Pirate Ship Phoenix, captained by the fiercest blackguard to sail the seven seas: David Hawkins, prowled the waters of the Caribbean like a hungry shark. He ran a tight ship and ruled with an iron fist. This night the captain was uneasy, something was wrong out on the ocean. He could not confide in anyone, because he was captain and to have him show any signs of fear would be bad for morale.

He strode down the passage below decks, looking for a target to remove his unease and get him back on track as ruler of the ocean, at least in his own mind. He stopped outside the common area where newest members of his crew were bunked. He saw a form limned in the moonlight. Her red hair glistened in the beam.

A predatory smile spread across his face and his cock hardened, yes, this was the one.

He strode into the room and placed a hand over her mouth, his other hand grasping the hair on the back of her head. She opened her eyes and wanted to scream, but between the hand and the look in the captain's eyes, she quieted down immediately. He had been known to grab the unwary and take them to his special room in the hold. No one would talk about what happened in there, but the screams could be heard through the thick walls. The women who came out of there always wanted to go back, but for some reason he never took the same woman in there twice.

She had recently arrived on the ship, only aboard two months, but she understood the rules and tried to obey them. To break the rules got her spotted by the captain. She did not understand how she had gotten his attention. She had followed the rules, the officers had only had to punish her on three occasions. What had she done to get his attention? Her mind raced as he dragged her from the hammock. When his hand left her mouth, she covered it herself. She did not want to anger him any more.

He dragged her by the hair down the passage and stopped in front of THE door. She had seen what the other women looked like when they left, and heard them whispering together late at night. But they were careful not to go into detail about what happened. Only that they had never encountered anything like that before, and all of them wanted to return, but to do that they would have to be very bad, and they were afraid of their desire, so they behaved and had sex in the dark, but never seemed satisfied.

He pulled a key from around his neck and opened the door. He pushed her in roughly and closed the door behind him, locking it again and hanging the key around his neck.

"What did I do, Captain?" she asked him, in a strong voice. She stood before him, defiantly, anger in her eyes now that they were alone and none could hear.

He eyed her in the light of the room. She was short, 5' 2", her red hair was shoulder length, her eyes blue like the sea they sailed. He body was curvy, but not overly large, she would do. He walked up to her slowly, his predatory nature clear in his eyes. She stood firm against his approach, not stepping back. His 6' 4" frame looms over her, his muscles rippling under his tight shirt. She can see the outline of his hardness pressing against his pants.

"I have done nothing wrong! Why did you bring me here?!" She asked him again, her anger shifting to fear by the end of the question. His eyes bored into her. She could sense his desire and his anger, she just did not understand why he was angry with her.

He suddenly lunges forward, like the first time she saw him. On the merchant ship, his sword like an extension of his body. The same look in his eyes then as he stalked the Ship's Captain across the deck. His lunge then ended with his Rapier piercing the other Captain's heart, then he pushed the body off his weapon and overboard like it was a minor inconvenience. To be on the receiving end of that look and lunge was frightening to say the least. She very nearly wet herself.

He grabbed her again by the back of the head, and jerks her head back. His eyes showing a bright spark of anger.

"Care to rephrase that comment? Wench..." he growled at her in a low voice that sent chills through her body.

The Captain never yelled. He was scarier in that way, quiet and sudden like a summer squall.

Her eyes narrowed in defiance. "I do as I am told, and then you drag me from my bed and toss me in here. Why am I to be punished?" She tried to fill her voice with steel. It must have worked a bit.

He mouth splits his lips into an evil grin and his eyes light up with lust. "Aye, ye suffer under the Captain's pleasure on this Ship. Ye caught me' I be aimin' ta claim the Captain's due." he informed her. He used her hair as leverage, and spun her around, forcing her over a nearby large barrel on her stomach.

She grabs at the captain's hands in her hair. She struggles to free her curly red hair, and begins to worry. She is a small woman, but tough, but he is so much stronger and larger.

He chuckles at her struggles. "That's it my dear, struggle, scream, let the crew hear you... " his voice taunts her. He pulls back hard on her hair lifting her off of the barrel and shoves her down on it hard, knocking the wind out of her. She lays there stunned. While she tries to catch her breath, he secures her wrists with manacles to the floor in front of the barrel. He seems very skilled at this, like he has done this many times. He wraps a rope around her waist securing her to the barrel and then spreads her legs securing each ankle with a manacle to the floor behind the barrel.

"Ah, you look so lovely laying there...but something is amiss..." he says with a strange tone in his voice.

Catching her breath, she takes in what is happening. The manacles around her wrists and ankles clink together as she moves them to test their weight. Heavy and secure, she realizes there is no way out of them.

"Do what you will, you will never hear me so much as moan." she declares defiantly.

He smiles at her and walks to a table in front of the barrel. From her angle she can not see what is on it.

"That is what they all say...but Lindsay begs to come back...Mazi begs to come back, they all beg to come back...and I refuse them..." he says in a way that shows his lack of concern. He picks up a large knife and turns towards her. He walks slowly forwards his grin spreading into a large smile.

"Now my dear, I am going to take you to new heights of pleasure and pain, and I want you to be honest when I ask you questions. I will be taking notes for future remember, this is for posterity..." he says chuckling.

The Captain walks towards her with the knife shining in the lamp light. Her eyes go wide as he approaches. "I beg for no man." She says, hoping the captain doesn't hear the nervousness in her voice. The knife reflects the dim light and makes her tremble. How did the captain know of her strongest fear? She knows she has not told him. No matter, she will not break.

He runs the blade lightly over her skin, just enough to leave a mark, but not draw blood. The marks he leaves make strange patterns that seem to glow in the light. "you have lovely skin, my dear" he says to her. Goosebumps cover skin where the knife is no longer touching.

Her eyes go wide at the touch of the knife, as she bites her quivering lip. The need grows in her, though she tries to fight it. He flips the blade so it's sharp end can cut the fabric of her top and proceeds to slowly cut way her clothing. Every so often pricking her skin, his eyes boring into hers. His gaze never leaves hers. Each of his cuts is very precise and she knows the blood he draws is on purpose. A smile flits across his face when she reacts to the cuts.

With each cut and each feel of the air on her newly exposed skin, she worries and her anxiousness rises. She is used to being in control of what she is doing and this sudden loss of control shakes her. She can see in the eyes of the captain that he is thoroughly enjoying this.

He smiles as he finishes his work and she is laid out before him in all her naked splendor. "Very lovely...nice ink..." he says, admiring the fact that this woman of England has tattoos the likes of which could only be found on the lowest class in London. Obviously she had married, or was marrying up. He spins the knife suddenly and jams it in the barrel under her head. It quivers there, buried deep into the wood, blade down, the rounded back of the blade rubbing on her chin. He turns and picks up a bucket from the floor by the table.

"Now, let's get to your grooming." He says with an evil grin and a cruel tone. He pulls a sponge from the bucket and soaks the skin under her arms, some of the water splashes onto the tiny cuts on her arms. He is using salt water, it stings as it enters the open wounds, no matter that they are tiny. He pulls the knife from the barrel and proceeds to remove the hair from under her arms. The cold sea water chills her naked skin. As the salt invades each of the cuts a stinging sensation surges. It feels like she is being bitten by bugs over and over. As he slowly shaves her underarms, her face burns from embarrassment. No man has ever been this intimate. The heat of her face causes even more shame, as surly the captain can see the effect he is having on her. Once they are smooth he steps back and looks down at her.

"Very nice, don't you think? What should i shave next?" He asks her, and her eyes go wide.

He moves around behind her and takes the saltwater soaked sponge and wets the hair on her pussy and ass. He takes the blade and slowly, deliberately shaves the hair from her most intimate area. Pulling the skin tight and lightly grazing her lips, every so often running the metal across her clit, poking it lightly, then shaving her anus, leaving shallow cuts. As the captain begins to shave her treasures, she squints her eyes shut. She can't believe he's doing this! She thinks to herself. What should I do? I can't stop him.

At the first light touch of cold metal to her clit, she feels a throb. Oh no! Not now! How can he be arousing me while humiliating me? She thinks to herself. She can feel the heat from his hands on her ass as he moves her skin to do his work. Realizing how close his face must be to her most closely guarded treasures, she feels herself begin to dew up.

How could my body betray me like this? She wonders. Suddenly the first shallow cut comes. She gasps. Then the next. She begins to grit her teeth and brace for each new cut, feeling herself drip more with each new mark. He cleans her with the salt water.

He smiles as she begins to seep, and he puts the sponge down. Kneeling behind her he spreads her cheeks and his tongue darts out between her lips, lapping at her clit. She tries to jerk away at the sudden feeling of something warm and wet on her clit. Her body is extra sensitive from all the attention the captain has already bestowed upon her, and this new sensation is practically pushing her over the edge. Without even being aware that she's doing it, she begins to tilt her ass up to better allow his talented tongue access to her pleasure.

He chuckles and savagely attacks her pussy with his mouth. Sucking her clit deeply into him and biting it just hard enough to confuse pleasure and pain. He slides two fingers into her cunt and a thumb into her ass as he savages her clit by alternating gentle sucking, harsh biting, and sensuous licking.

The captain obviously knows what he's doing. He causing her body to throb and rush with pleasure at each touch and each stroke. She can feel his large fingers inside her pussy, coercing it to want more, to do exactly what she said she wouldn't do. Her blood is rushing through her body, when she feels the first hard press through her ass.

"No!" she cries. Something like a gasp and squeak comes out of her mouth. "Not my ass!" she tries squirming away from the captains probing fingers, his mouth still claiming her clit.

"I thought her were not going to make a sound? *he said with an evil chuckle. "if you think my thumb is invasive, just wait, there are plenty more toys in my cabin that will probe you deeply."

He stops ravishing her pussy and ass and moves in front of her. He drops his pants and stands erect before her. Though he is only eight inches long he is very thick, the head almost three and a half inches around and the shaft a full three inches thick.

"I know what you are thinking... Not too impressive... But it gets thicker..." he chuckled.

He goes back to the table and removes a large hook with a rounded tip. Slipping a rope through the eye hole in the end of it he runs the rope through something above her body and lays the slack across the back of her neck. He grabs a ceramic jar and opens it, waving the contents under her nose. It has a sweet smell. He dips a finger in it and runs the stuff down the side of her face, it is slick and greasy. Smiling at her he dips the hook into the jar and coats it thickly. He moves behind her and she feels him press the hook deeply into her anus. Moving in front of her, he grabs the rope and pulls the slack until she is being lifted up off the barrel as high as the bindings allow. The rope holding her down digs into her back, the hook though uncomfortable fills her and her ankles are pulled at by the restraints.

She gasps, and clenches her teeth to keep from screaming. The hook fills her body in the most unusual way. It shocks her that it almost feels good and somehow satisfying to be filled like this. Then the captain begins to pull the rope, in turn pulling her up. Raising her ass as high as she can to alleviate some of the pain, the rope around her waist holds her down. The tugging in her ass is exquisitely painful.

"Please! Please, it hurts!" She cries before thinking. When did I start crying? She thinks to herself. Warm tears flow down her face, while her pussy aches for more.

He gets behind her and shoves three fingers deep into her pussy, reaching deep inside he massages her cervix. His other goes to her throat, his fingers grasping her tightly as he fucks her viciously with his hand.

"Still think you can be quiet my dear?" he says tauntingly.

The Captain's fingers around her throat makes it harder to breathe, yet it excites her more. Her body moves in rhythm to the strokes he is shoving in her pussy. Every move makes the hook in her ass pull and grind in spots she didn't know about. He can feel her body quaking as her orgasm begins to build. Stars shine in her vision as everything else loses meaning. She feels like a feral animal, only wanting more of what he's giving. Shame rushes over her as she realizes she is actually enjoying these indecent acts he is performing.

" yes, I'll stay quiet" she moans, knowing she won't be able to for long.

He removes his hand from her sopping cunt and gets between her legs. She feels the engorged tip of his cock pressing at her pussy lips. Both his hands around her throat, pushing her backwards. He shoves deeply inside her, his thickness splitting her open as he lunges in fully in one thrust. "Don't hold back the screams, wench. They won't help you anyway..." he laughs cruelly.

As the captain thrusts his cock in her, she lets out a yelp. Having his massive member in her while her ass is plugged full is too much. It feels like she's being split in two. She can hear the barrel she is strapped to shake in time to his thrusts. Combined with the shaking of her manacles it's as though he is playing her like an instrument. And every beat of his cock in her throbbing pussy drives her closer to the edge of her climax.

Her body is not her own for now, and she begins to pant and moan with each of his thrusts. She has never felt like this, like a pure feeling and energy. She is full of him, embarrassed by him, yet wants more. She can feel her insides practically vibrating, being pounded by his cock and the hook in her ass. Her moans come louder and louder

"Ugh, mmm, oohhhh" and She can't even recognize her voice in them.

"That's my girl. I told her that I would make you for the screams." he says with a grim tone to his voice, he steps back pulling his cock out of her with a popping sound. He walks over to the table and turns around with a riding crop in his hand.

"Shall we see how sensitive we have made you my dear?"

He runs the crop down the right side of her face.

"Do you feel like crying my sweet sweet Marie?" he says almost tenderly, as the crop suddenly slaps her right cheek like a striking snake.

A small trickle of blood runs down from a shallow cut. He dips his finger in and shows it to her and then licks his finger clean. Her head snaps to the side from the shock of the crop across her face. Then she sees the captain, licking her blood. She can feel her stomach tighten while she feels her pussy continue to leak.

The surprise of the hit and how her body is reacting leaves her speechless and shaking. Sweat begins to well up across her brow from anticipation. She tries her hardest to look up at her captain, eyes wide with need and fury that he has put this need in her.

"Never." she whispers, surprising even herself at this quiet defiance.

"Good girl... If you broke now I would release you and never bring you back... I want a strong."

He grabs her hair and pulls her head up. He kisses her lips, her blood still on his, then he bites her lower lip. Not enough to draw blood but it hurts.

"Now. Get ready." He moves behind her and runs the crop lightly over her ass and pussy.

The copper taste of her own blood lingers in her mouth. She purses her lips to try and calm the pulsing left over from the captain's kiss. He chuckles as he walks out of her field of vision, as though he has become the shadows of the dim cabin.

How long has he been degrading me down here? She thinks.

The candles are still burning but she has lost all ability to comprehend time. And as though the shadows themselves reach out to her, she starts at the delicate drag of the crop against her freshly shaved lips and ass. The touch of the leather reminds her body of its own desire, despite what she wants. Prickling with goosebumps at being touched again, her pussy lips swell and ache.

Can he tell what my body is trying to do? What it wants? I am going crazy in my own mind at it. How can he be doing this to me? Her thoughts rush through her head.

The crop grazes her clit and elicits a quick moan. Again, she hears his pleased laughter. Quickly she shakes her rear to remove the crop from her delicate nub. She can't allow him the satisfaction of this! Then she feels the crop dragging up to her ass, and it finds the metal hook. He begins to push it around with the crop, making her gasp and grunt.

"I thought you wanted whimpering slave girls." she says. "All the girls you send out of your cabin show off and brag at how obedient they are. If that's what you want, you'll not be getting it from me."

"No, my dear, I do not want whimpering slave girls... I want obedient crew. Now, get ready..." He strikes quickly, the tip of the crop parting the protruding swollen lips and grazes the clit sending an electric shock of pain through her body. "ONE! Count with me my dear..."

A wave of instant pain fills her body. Making fists and gritting her teeth she stands firm. "Make me." she growls.

He chuckles at her defiance. He raises his hand high overhead and slaps down on her pussy lips with all his strength, the head of the crop passing between her lips, the crop bending as it strikes her flesh and passes through and down. "ONE! COUNT THEM!"

Pain steaks through her like lightning as tears spring from her eyes. Her engorged pussy feels like the only thing in existence, and pain is all it knows.

"FUCK!" she screams. Sweat beads down her neck, her body shaking from pain and humiliation. Her head drops, a tear rolling off her cheek onto the wood floor. "One." she chokes out.

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