I'm a nurse, 48, married with two children, and I help chaperone a cheerleading team that was in the state finals. The team captain, Maddie, had a hip injury, so we decided I would room with Maddie to make sure she got the necessary treatments. For her last treatment before bedtime, Maddie changed into a snug football jersey that reached mid-thigh.

"Ready?" I asked.

"Yes Mrs. P, I'm all yours," Maddie said.

"Please, call me Laura," I said.

Maddie smiled. "OK, nurse Laura, I'm ready."

Holding a heat pack, I sat on the bed and began to push Maddie's jersey up to her hip, until Maddie lifted her butt and pulled the shirt up to her waist, revealing that she had removed her panties. Maddie said, "I took off my thong because the hot pack and ice get it wet and it feels yucky. Is that okay?\

"Of course," I replied, "who needs yucky?"

So for 10 minutes I massaged Maddie's hip with heat while being treated to an intimate view of her beautiful 18-year old legs and lower body, which was golden tan save for a smooth white patch of skin between her legs. I asked Maddie if she wanted to change for the stretching, and she said, "I'm fine if it's okay with you."

"Sure, just so you're comfortable," I said reassuringly. "You know the routine."

"Okay, I trust you," Maddie said, biting her lip a little.

The first stretch involved me taking her straight left leg out to the side. Maddie's leg opened to almost 90 degrees before she even winced. With her open like that, my hands probed her hip to gauge her pain. I could not avoid a view of Maddie's exposed vagina, her lips parted, and her pink inner folds glistening. On the last stretch, I brought Maddie's left heel back to her butt and pushed the knee out 90 degrees to the left. "Owww," Maddie yelped, her first indication of real pain.

"Sorry," I said, "where does that hurt?" Maddie moved her hand between her legs and touched a tendon that ran along the inside of her leg. I moved my hand there and felt around, literally inches from her wide-open womanhood. "There?" I asked.

Maddie nodded and exhaled sharply. "Yes, but it feels really good when you do that."

I smiled and said, "Well, I'm here to make you feel better Maddie." Maddie sort of whimpered and her hand moved on top of mine between her legs. I looked at her, wondering if she knew what message she was sending. Maintaining eye contact with me, Maddie grabbed my hand and moved it a few inches over to her to her vagina. When I just let it rest there, Maddie pressed my hand down and pushed her hips up, forcing my palm against her wet pussy, and she closed her eyes for a few seconds.

Opening her eyes, Maddie pleaded, "Please," barely above a whisper. My defenses collapsed and I began caressing Maddie's clit, then I pressed a finger into her wet and tight pussy. Her eyes closed again, but Maddie was cooing and moaning. As I was on my knees between her legs, I could see my fingers caressing her.

"Oh, fuck it" I thought to myself, and I leaned my head down until my mouth reached Maddie's gaping pussy. I hadn't been with a woman in almost 30 years, but my mouth and tongue remembered exactly what to do, and thoughts flooded my mind about how utterly wonderful it was. My tongue lapped at Maddie's clit until I sucked it into my mouth. My finger explored her as Maddie's vagina clenched around it.

"Oh yes, oh god, yes; right there. Yesss...please... oh fuck," Maddie rambled.

Her passionate babbling thrilled me, and my mouth went into overdrive. Years of wonderful memories and fantasies rushed in as I devoured Maddie's smooth, silky, and delicious pussy. I did to Maddie everything that I knew sent electric shocks through me, lustfully licking, sucking, even nibbling her clit, until I felt her body begin to tense.

"Aaahhhh...ohhhh Laura... please...so good...oh my god..." Maddie moaned before she shrieked, and her first orgasm overwhelmed her. Maddie's legs closed around my head and she pressed my face into her as her moment of truth neared. I wanted to feel her cum more than anything I've ever wanted. My hands clamped on to Maddie's waist as her hips bucked and her pussy spasmed. I could not believe it had been so long since I had done this. I brought my beautiful patient to three powerful orgasms that first night, with my tongue and fingers exploring her clit, her pussy, and eventually her virgin asshole. After Maddie's third orgasm, I insisted that we finish Maddie's treatment with an ice massage. She protested some, but we both knew that she would get treated every six hours over the next two days.




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