Mike woke up to bright sunlight, feeling surprisingly good for someone who probably should have died from internal bleeding. The ground was soft, there wasn't much dew, no mosquitoes, and someone was spooning him from behind, with a mostly soft cock up his ass. Mike blinked, as his brain processed that last fact, and he jerked away, last night suddenly returning in a rush. Unable to think of anything else, and not sure if his legs would support him, Mike turned around.

Laying down, yawning and rubbing his eyes, wasn't the wolf. Looks like his guess about the existence of werewolves was accurate, because there was a naked dude laying there.

Strangely enough, Mike's first thought was that the guy was cute. Five foot nothing, maybe a little tone, shorter messy blond hair, shaved everything else, feminine face with long lashes, and piercing blue eyes, which were currently filled with a mixture of shame and regret.

"Oh fuck, did I... fuck." The stranger asked in a highish pitched voice.

"Erm... yes." Mike said, and suddenly reverted to standard social norms out of reflex. "I'm Mike, nice to meet you."

The stranger's eyebrows furrowed in concern, but he nevertheless said "Um, hi, I'm Alex."

An awkward silence fell, and the two didn't look at each other for a few moments. Mike picked up his shredded clothes and looked at them, as Alex blushed. He looked like he was going to say something apologetic, but stopped himself.

"Should have brought a lint roller." Mike said after examining the clothing carefully.

Alex looked at the clothes, shredded by his claws, torn along the crotch, useless for anything except as cum rags, but, to be fair, had a layer of gray fur matted to the surface, and laughed. "God that's an awful joke." Mike laughed along with him.

"Yeah, I know. Mind helping me get up?" Mike asked, legs still unsure.

Alex nodded, and looked at where their bodies were still joined. He backed away, his cock pulling out with liquid slurping noise, and they both shivered at the sensation. Shaking it off, Alex stood up and pulled Mike up.

It didn't hurt as much as Mike expected, which is to say he could actually stand and walk, if a little stiffly. Alex seemed pretty much fine, completely comfortable with standing around naked in the forest. Mike noticed that Alex was looking him up and down, seemingly approvingly.

Mike wasn't sure why. Curly black hair, six feet, that layer of chub over an old swimmer's build, it was basically the opposite of Alex, though they were both in their early 20s. Still, it looked like Alex approved, as another really obvious difference became apparent. A huge dick and balls.

Mike was pretty happy with his five incher. Might have been a bit smaller than average, and made even smaller by that inch or two of fat, but... it worked. Alex, on the other hand, was honestly scary. It didn't look like something that should be attached to a human. Which might be the explanation of how he got it? Hanging halfway down his thigh, the wrist thick veiny cock and egg sized balls captured all of Mike's attention, and he said the first thing that came to mind. "Is that an illegal shotgun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"

Alex blushed and tried to cover himself up. It didn't really work, and Mike could see the dick from both sides of his arm. He felt himself start to stiffen, and his asshole felt weirdly empty and needy.

"Sorry about that... I'll try to explain when... actually do you have a car nearby? How did you get here?"

Mike recounted his idea to walk back to his car after the river ride. Alex was dumbfounded.

"You walked through the wilderness without proper footwear, anyone else with you, or a way of calling for help?"

"Erm... I had footwear." Mike looked around confused at why he was naked, rather than just pants-less. He saw both shoes, but they were shredded, and his shirt looked stretched beyond use, plus covered in an unholy mixture of bodily fluids. "How did that happen?"

"Oh... well, I suppose that's to be expected." Alex said, his face falling.


"Well, you're a werewolf now." Alex sniffed a few times. "Yep, new wolf smell. Anyway, you would have probably died if you hadn't become one."

"What? I thought it was bites?" Mike said, going off of an inordinate fondness of anthropomorphic animals.

"I think it's any bodily fluid entering your bloodstream. I don't see any scratches, and you said no bites. Did you get injured last night?" Alex asked.

Mike thought back to the previous night. "Erm, it felt like you had torn open my rectum?"

"Why? Did I try to eat you?" Alex asked, suddenly alarmed.

"Erm no..." Mike said, gesturing around at the cum sodden ground.

"Oh. Ooh." Alex's cock started growing, and he coughed uncomfortably. Then began again. "I... think we should probably continue this after we take a shower. I think my car is a few miles away, if you're able to walk."

Mike nodded, and the two set off into the woods.











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