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Rey had everything needed. Her usually bare shoulders and arms were protected in a warm parka, she'd changed into a pair of jeans, with a bag slung over her back and phone in hand. Not a dozen steps out from backstage, she froze and nearly dropped her phone, catching it by the edge. Then her legs gave out.

"What's going on?" Wendy asked, looking to Carmen while others stared at Rey in concern, the stripper's hands clenching at her crotch.

"I wasn't lying," Carmen said and sipped her drink, the burn now welcome as she grinned over the rim, knowing full well the changes Rey experienced as they watched. There was no denying her fortitude as she stood, gritting her teeth against the doubtless pleasure surging through her. A bulge appeared in her jeans, enlarging second by second until it couldn't be ignored. Her eyes turned down and widened, then darted around. No one else paid enough attention to notice, allowing her to head toward a restroom. But that couldn't be allowed. There wasn't enough proof for Wendy.

"Rey, come over here!" Carmen called.

She licked her lips and folded her legs, thighs squeezing around her cocks. Before the night was over, they'd be satisfied, all thanks to Rey, and Wendy if she was willing. Although she could be made to want it. Rey froze, then made a beeline for them, cock still growing down her pants, so thick it truly resembled a third leg. The veins alone jutted out in perverse lanes as the denim pulled taut.

"Oh my god," Wendy said, eyes following her friend's crotch the entire time.

"How's it feel?" Carmen asked.

"You did this?" Rey hissed, hunching over to conceal her new endowment. Doing so, however, stretched her already strained jeans against her ass, which let the cock rip a hole. Her thong proved its durability, as it snagged into the slit and stretched with it.

"Sit on my lap." Carmen ordered and Rey did so, eyes widening every centimetre that she moved. Her dick jerked, widening the hole, snapping her tiny underwear and betraying her arousal, as did the gentle hitch in her breathing. She twisted to face Carmen, but instantly lowered her gaze to the futa's cleavage. Conflict raged in her features, a war between supernatural lust and demure confusion.

Delicate fingers unzipped the stripper's coat, releasing her implant stretched top. Carmen didn't waste a second and planted her hands on them, cooing at their rigid shape, nipples jutting against her palms like eager pricks. Part of her almost wished she'd made her like Ashley, but that could wait. The night was young and long. Another step up in her breaths urged Carmen to tug her top to one side, letting loose one giant tit. She leaned in and whispered into Rey's ear.

"How does it feel?"

"I hate it," Rey said, tilting away, but exposed her neck to Carmen's lips.

"Do you really? Turn around and face me properly," Carmen said, cupping the new futa's hips and her generous ass. The naked breast tempted her, but she ignored it for now, instead lifting Rey's face to hers and kissed her. Despite her restraint, Rey reciprocated, even moaned into the kiss as her hands tried pushing against Carmen's shoulders.

"What have you done to me?" Rey asked in a lull. Her cock mashed against Carmen's stomach, thick as a log, and demanded attention.

"Nothing much." Carmen reached down, still groping one tit, and traced the gawking slit at Rey's crown. It was large enough for multiple fingers. She leered down at her, then turned her around. Gasps rang throughout, more as she forced Rey's jeans down and her dick bounced free, slapping her thigh with a deep, meaty sound. Rey squirmed at their looks, while Carmen grinned and picked it up, one finger poised at the entrance. She teased it with her nail for a second, then plunged in.

Several people gasped again, one even shouted, though none exceeded Rey's shriek. Not of pain, she'd made sure of it, but of sudden ecstasy, just not an orgasm. Carmen wriggled her finger around, filling the room with the stripper's moans, all eyes firmly on her.

"Want me to stop?"

"No..." Rey whispered, barely audible to Carmen, but it wasn't clear what she meant by it.

"Louder. Tell them if you want me to stop."

"I don't," Rey said, however not loud enough. A second finger was added, sparking another, fiercer scream. Anyone would think she was already cumming, something that wouldn't happen until Carmen said otherwise.


"Finger my cock!" Rey shouted, then clapped a hand over her mouth, realising what she'd said. Her words echoed, the music having died before Carmen inserted the first finger, then zippers reverberated. Shivers rippled along Rey's frozen torso, while her hips pumped in time with Carmen's fingers. Her cocks throbbed against her ass. Just a little longer, she thought.

"I think that's enough," Wendy said, gripping Carmen's shoulder. Not removing her fingers from Rey, whose cock gushed pre-cum, she turned on the woman that claimed she wanted to sleep with her and rolled her eyes. Of course she'd be jealous. Everyone must be.

Carmen cast her gaze to the onlookers. Even the current pole dancer had stopped their performance, the lights having turned on Rey's lewd form. She ground her cunt into the bulges of Carmen's pricks, trailing dampness in its wake, and whimpered hesitant moans for more. It really wasn't fair to keep this to herself. The others deserved something more, a real show, instead of tits they couldn't touch or such plain women. Wendy seemed perfect for such a role.

Still fingering Rey's urethra, Carmen reached back and went to scribble Wendy's name, but didn't have her surname. She chuckled at her lack of foresight.

"Tell me her full name," Carmen whispered into her submissive futa's ear.

"Wendy Winston," Rey gasped, bucking harder as a third finger was added in appreciation. The name was added, placed atop an entry Carmen prepared earlier. Forty seconds later, spent by Wendy frowning at the pair in uncertainty, the older woman folded in two. Her change was a partial experiment. The transformations seemed to work in stages, adding certain effects over time, and she needed to know if the entry's structure affected it.

She grinned when it seemed to do just that. Without a word, Wendy pulled all her clothes off save for her heels. Though not as endowed as Rey's implants, her breasts were natural and sat high on her chest. This was before the cock grew in, as Carmen had put that second. Far as Wendy was concerned, she was now a massive exhibitionist. Her thighs spread to reveal her shifting crotch and sopping cunt folds.

Clit erect, it vanished underneath her growing cock and balls. A deep, angry purple head formed when the shaft was just a few inches, extending further under everyone's stares. Rey's moans ramped up in response and pre-cum spewed past Carmen's fingers, slipping down the trunk-like shaft. Unbidden, Rey stroked it with both hands, failing miserably to meet around its girth, using Wendy's growth to fuel her desire. The blonde's scrotum stole the show as they bloated into basketballs and beyond.

"Shouldn't you be on stage?" Carmen asked.

"Yes," Wendy said, moaning while her heels clicked toward the pole. She pushed the forgotten stripper aside, instead mashing her shaft against the metal, urging it to grow. Once graceful moves were made languid and sensual by her balls, which approached watermelons in size. Like any good dancer, however, she incorporated the challenge. Most eyes left Rey to focus on her, which spurred the next change to life.

For a strip club, there were several women in the audience. They were joined by the dancers backstage, called out by the other one, each gawking and blushing. Rey was no different, whining in pleasure as Wendy made her and the others wetter, the men hardening and renewing their strokes. Just as planned, the dancer's breasts swallowed up more room on her torso.

Her moves obscured the growth, though Carmen's eyes caught it all. She must've been a D cup, but as she moved, they crawled through the alphabet, nipples joining the fray and extending into obscene headlights. There was no ignoring that sight, unless something more tempting awaited her.

Carmen hooked her fingers into her pants and ripped them open. Heat met them an instant later, welcomed by a startled gasp. One flopped up toward her chest, then fell to rest between Rey's pert ass, its sisters nestled tight against her pussy and balls. She brought a hand down to find that dank heat, coating her fingers with juices in seconds. Bringing them back up, she had Rey look as she licked them clean.

"Please..." Rey said, biting her lip when Carmen's shafts throbbed against her folds.

"Please what? I don't know what you want," Carmen said, reaching back down to grope her ass, grinding its cheeks against her lone cock. Subtle moves from the stripper worked with her.


"Tell me you don't want me," Carmen breathed into her ear, stopping all her movements, including the fingers wedged deep into Rey's cock, "If you say it now, I promise I'll stop." It was true. Much as her cocks rioted against such a notion, being so close to their desire, she wouldn't force someone.

"You can just tell me to say 'yes'," Rey groaned, "This isn't any different to what that Gretchen girl did to you."

Carmen shoved her pinkie and thumb into the stripper, opening and closing her fist, "This is nothing like that, every moment was torture for me, I couldn't leave no matter what I tried, but you have that option. I didn't make you my slave, just submissive. Every move you make, is your own. And try telling me this doesn't feel good." She relaxed as she spoke, gently sliding her fingers along the slimy walls inside the cock.

Rey shuddered, fem-cum dripping onto the cocks below, while her bulbous shaft slobbered over Carmen's hand.

"I don't know why you freaked out about me," Carmen said, wrapping her arm around the stripper's sleek waist, gently kissing her neck. Tingles danced across her skin wherever they touched, "But I can help you push past it. I can make you feel more pleasure than ever, better than all the women you've fucked all your life."

"Not buying it," Rey said, too quickly. With a sigh, Carmen extracted her hand, lifted her up and onto the counter, before diving under her heavy balls. They'd swollen majestically since developing, just as she'd planned, however she was focused on one goal; the stripper's pussy. Already soaked, she didn't waste time and clamped her lips over it.

On cue, Rey cried out and pushed on her head, trying to make her go deeper. Carmen's tongue fluttered along the opening, then darted inside, deft muscles twisting and turning around to hit every node of pleasure in reach. She inhaled deeply, all but drinking the brunette's musk, and ground her nose into the clit. The nub better resembled an acorn that jerked against her. Carmen brought her fingers around and spread Rey's cheeks, fingers teasing her hole. At the lack of denial, she pushed one, then two past the puckered ring.

"Oh fuck, how am I not cumming?" Rey asked, thrusting against the taller futa's face, balls churning and bloating .

"Because I haven't told you to," Carmen said, retreating after everything below her eyes was coated in the stripper's lust. She palmed the balls, now greater than Wendy's own cum factories, and rose up until their faces were centimetres apart, "Those orgasms you want? They'll keep building and building until I say otherwise. Just imagine when they release."

Rey kissed her then. Not the teasing one that all but started this, but a mewling, tongue and spit filled mash up of their lips, her voracious desire tamed a second later as Carmen reigned supreme. She picked her back up, placing the stripper on her lap again, two cocks between Rey's thighs, where her massive balls swayed, and one hugged by her ass cheeks. Between sideways tongue-sucking, she ground against the phalli.

"You have to ask for it," Carmen said, nudging the cunt with her tips, before sliding away.

"I can't..."

"Think of what it'll feel like."

"No..." Despite her word, Rey pushed harder against Carmen.

"Imagine how good it'll be when I finally let you cum."


"I could even write someone else's name for you. Then you could fuck them too."

"Just fuck me already!" Rey cried out, this time not covering her mouth even as people briefly turned away from Wendy, the stripper's ass huge enough to smother someone's face, which, in fact, it was. One of the other dancers had broken forward to bury their head in it. Others watched her balls, steadily encroaching on the ground as the men all jerked off to her. Wendy's cock extended well beyond arm's length, flopping and slinging pre-cum all over.

Like a shroud fell over her, Carmen focused on Rey and pushed her up. The stripper guided her cocks herself, stacking the lower two against her pussy, while the other ground against her anus. Under the Futa Note's power, her holes spread like whorish mouths around her, clinging to every shaft like latex. Both sighed into the other's mouth, like a huge weight was removed as Rey sat on a combined length of forty-two inches of cock.

Anal wasn't new to Carmen, having taken Rachel's rear multiple times, but Rey's offered a new experience. Unlike her redheaded lover's, hers offered more room, yet was no less tight, as she pushed through the passage and nudged a small bump. All the strength left Rey's body and she collapsed against Carmen, holes palpitating around her. They relaxed a second later, though not a drop of cum left her.

A slap on Rey's ass made them clench once more. The flesh jiggled to Carmen's delight, which she renewed with a second and third spank, each causing Rey to squeeze. Planting her hands deep into the stripper's succulent hips, Carmen lifted her, holes dragging with her cocks, then let go. The walls rubbed against her shafts, the two in Rey's pussy throbbed against each other, inciting the other, and crushed them as she lifted her again. Each time she let go, Carmen smacked her hands back into place and raised her.

"Having fun?" Carmen grunted into her ear.

"Yes," Rey slurred.

At her affirmation, Carmen stood up and braced the stripper against the bar stool. After a few experimental spanks, testing the seats integrity and leaving Rey's ass a lustful crimson, she reared back and lunged forward. Rey cried out and bucked against her, log-like cock raining pre on the floor. The bartender looked at them, her expression between lust and shock, eyes fixed on Carmen, who removed her shirt to let her own tits out.

Each thrust made Rey's implants bounce. The naked one scraped its nipple against the counter top. Her ass rippled at every impact, renewed before the jiggling even slowed. Their balls clapped together, pain and ecstasy mingling. Carmen reached over and dug her fingers deep into the bared tit, forcing more cum to gather inside Rey's sack. It filled quicker with every slap of their bodies, now resting on the ground and stretching around Carmen.

Carmen noticed the bartender fingering herself, "Which of us turns you on more?"

"What?" The woman's eyes didn't leave Carmen's breasts, tracking her nipples even as they bounced passionately. That was answer enough.

"Come here," Carmen pulled her over the counter so she stood before her, "What's your name?"

"Gale Adams."

"Hand me that book," Carmen pointed to the Futa Note and pen. A trill of energy urged her hips to smash into Rey when it returned to her possession. She rested it on Rey's sweaty back, slowing down as she wrote. It was clear Gale wanted to feel her up, eyes unable to choose between breasts, ass or balls, but Carmen wanted to mess with Rey. Simple solution.

In the forty seconds to Gale's transformation, Rey's balls were large enough to comfortably sit on.

"What the fuck?!" Gale yelped, watching as her arms doubled twice, giving her eight total. The added six spawned little suckers with lips attached, while her cock grew into a miniature python, several feet long and fully articulate. Carmen pulled her in for a kiss, leaving the new futa breathless.

"Now you can touch me all over. But," Carmen said, stopping the arms and grabbed the prehensile cock, "This has to go inside her dick."

Gale didn't question her. Lust demanded that she do whatever it took to satisfy herself, if that meant sounding a freakishly thick penis with her own, then so be it. Both stripper and bartender screamed at the penetration, the latter cumming on the spot as she pushed through Rey's urethra and into her balls, which swelled faster as a foreign load was added. Just as promised, she wrapped all her arms around Carmen, fingers caressing her while the mouths kissed and licked wherever they could. Two went to Carmen's pussy and ass, penetrating them.

Mouths on her nipples spurred Carmen to renew her thrusts in ardent tempo. Her orgasm built faster from the new sensations, using the primal movements to fuck her ass and pussy on Gale's hands, while her own cocks pounded and stretched Rey. The floor was a sloppy mess of all three's juices.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!" Wendy announced from the stage, followed by cheers from others in the same position.

"Fuck, me too," Carmen grunted and slowed down. She dragged herself from Rey's holes, only to slam back in, the clap of her hips on ass cheeks punctuating the chorus of moans behind them. As her pleasure reached its apex, she plopped down on Rey's boulders and held her tight. Gale did the same, cock going wild as it came yet again.

Cum bloated her shafts. They gave Rey a final stretch, before inundating her depths in semen.Twin flows drowned her womb, inflating it as her cocks refused to be moved from her cervix, while a single river streamed along her innards. Carmen bit down into the stripper's neck, pussy joining the flow and dousing her legs. She jerked against Rey, stealing a final burst of pleasure, before slipping out.

Gale moved in and wrapped her prime mouth around Rey's asshole. The flow from her gaped cunt was too great. Carmen, meanwhile, turned and beheld what she'd wrought with just a few names written. Lines of cum were strewn about the scene, men and women coupling as they enjoyed the afterglow. Not a single person was left wanting, having cum the second Wendy, who sat centre stage amidst a pile of her co-workers, did so. And she was magnificent.

Two girls were draped across her breasts, their size on par with couch cushions. Others were leaning against her ass, its size far outstripping the upper curves, while a giant cock laid atop three more girls, bolstered by massive balls that almost matched Rey. She was the only one that hadn't cum yet.

Such a gorgeous sight was created from three names added. Carmen picked up the Futa Note from Rey's back, the stripper panting in delirium, yet she was denied her ultimate bliss. A deep thumping sound resonated inside Carmen's head, each beat switching her attention between the book and the unchanged patrons around her. That orgasm was just one, yet she could have so many more and share them with dozens of others.

What had Rey told her? That self-pitying conversation seemed ancient, buried under far more pleasant thoughts, such as what she ought to do next. The words were something like; 'You need to have fun. No consequences. No strings attached.' Had there been more? No guilt? No stopping? Or something similar at least. She might've added those.

But why would she feel guilty? Why stop? She didn't want it to end, her cocks were still erect, pussy aching for better penetration, and nobody should either. Already, Wendy was making out with some girls, stoking their lusts as they all but worshipped her exuberant form. Kaiser/

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