It was the middle of the night, the moonlight giving only a small amount of light. Jason moved through the stable with a riding whip in his hand. It was a test for one of two ponies deemed ready for work, and this was her maiden voyage.

The pony's name was Orchid, because of a flower they had tattooed on her neck, under her left ear. She stood in her stall, hooves raking the shavings there. She knew this was her time to prove her worth, and she had no intention of failing.

She had taken the conversion well, after the initial day or so of fight. Now, she decided if this was going to be her fate, she would do the best she could. After that she moved through the training went easy, her handler was pleased with her.

Long dark hair was braided to one side, shaved on the other to consist of her mane. There was a modified gag in her mouth, modified from the milk barn to have notches at the back of the teeth to fit a bit for guiding, otherwise it gave the same stimulation for eating.

Her body was fit, toned, and bound tightly in a black harness. Straps crisscrossed her body, covering her nipples but leaving stripes of flesh visible continuing around her arms bound behind her back just at the junction of back and her ass. The leather turned into a pair of panties before running down her legs and ending at her knees. Her feet were in hoofed boots demanding she walk on her toes. The overall effect was an elegant two-legged animal designed not only for work, but looks as well.

Moving to the door, Jason unlocked and opened it, allowing the pony to come out. Orchid pawed the ground and stepped out into the barn proper. Once in the larger space she shook her head, sending her braids spinning.

"Easy, girl." Jason spoke softly to the pony, reaching out and patting her shoulder. "We have to make our first delivery today." Hooking a lead to the collar around her neck, she allowed herself to be led to a cart, backed up slowly and hooked to a cart by a belt around her waist. Two strong D-bolts secured the animal to the wheeled cart. "Good girl."

Orchid twisted and gave a huff, testing the weight. The cart added little by itself, but as Jason added bags of powder into the cart, it got heavier. There was a crack of a whip, but no force. A command, not correction.

"Come on girl, let's go. Hi-yah" Jason coaxed as well as commanded. Orchid was his first pony, the first pony to make it to this level, and if taking it slow meant a better result, Jason was willing take the time. His pony would be the best.

Digging in her boots, Orchid pulled forward, testing the weight behind her. She had practiced with various weight in the cart, and she knew from experience she could move this weight. After the first couple of steps, her training took over and her gait steadied out and her knees moved higher, making her pretty and functional at the same time.

Blinders were fitted tightly over her eyes, allowing her only to see what was just in front of her, not in any time to actually stop from tripping over it. That was the amount of trust required to have in her handler. During the time she focused on what she needed to, her gait, steps and moving. She wanted them all perfect.

Her breathing steadied and she heard Jason chuckle behind her. Now she was showing off.

Feeling the straps behind her tug left, she followed the path to the left toward the bovine barn. A tug right and she followed it before both tugged and she slowed to a stop.

"Right on time, Jason." the voice greeted him. "And with a beautiful animal delivering it!" Orchid shook her mane at the compliment.

"Protein paste mix for the bovines." Jason checked the list. "Thirty pounds."

"Yup, that's a good couple of days with the amount we have. Another delivery later this week?"

"If this goes well. I have one more stop at the main enclosure, then back to the stables. Have to see how Orchid here is going to do."

"See you later this week then."

"Come on, girl, let's move." The snap of a whip caught her attention and she moved forward, her load cut in half. "See if we can go a bit faster with the lighter weight." he suggested and snapped the whip at her waist.

Hearing the sound, and just barely feeling where, Orchid increased the time of her steps, her legs still stepping higher to show off her muscles. She huffed and evened out her gait.

"Very nice. Someone deserves a reward when we get back." Jason complimented Orchid who shook her tail in response.

* * * * * * * * * *

Rose was struggling. She had finally gotten the hang of the boots, although they made her feet ache. The constant harness wasn't the worst, it kept her breasts against her chest which felt decent, but the hands bound before her was the worse.

Her handler outside her stall was gathering things, meaning it was time for her to train. While it was hard work, it wasn't her stall and it was different...although there were whips.

"Let's go Rose, I don't have all night." her handler commented as Rose stepped out next to a pony named Peony, her training partner. Their hair was short, until they learned their steps, and hung limply on their heads.

Once both ponies were out, her handler hooked a lead to both her and Peony above where her arms would go, more comfortably, behind her. Holding both reigns, he snapped the whip over their heads, spurring them on. Having learned to be in sync, they both started with their right leg, moving together forward.

"Legs higher, fillies! I want to see those calves twitch!" the handler commanded and the ponies complied, easier at a slow gait. "Good. Better than last time. A little faster now."

Peony located the whip and shifted forward, showing her twin pony the step. Seconds behind the first, they moved to a trot, trying to keep their legs where demanded. The pair continued, knowing their run would not stop until the handler was content with the progress.

"Watch it, Rose, I see you lagging. That won't do." he corrected snapping her leg with the whip causing her to cry out, sounding much like a horse whinny. Feeling the whip a second time, Rose corrected her gait and followed the lead of the other pony.

For an hour and a half the handler moved them around the area, walking slow, trotting and finally running together, never sparing a snap when one pony was out of step with the other. These two would be paired up and needed to work seamlessly together.

Back at the stable he took Rose, not the lead pony this time and took a warm, wet cloth over her body, wiping away the sweat. She squirmed under the attention, knowing the reward for being lead pony, and was left disappointed when she was walked back to her stall, locked in for the day.

Peony shook her head, excited at being picked for head pony for the day, stepped when led into a enclosed shower stall. The water started, handler making sure it was warm, but not hot. Slowly the spray washed over the pony, handler's hands following with a soapy sponge.

"Do that again, filly, and we will get you two set up for work. Working ponies get things inside them. Releases that don't happen in showers." The handler whispered, directing the spray to her cunt, seeing her put her head back. "There you go, Peony, ride it out."

Peony felt the sensation overcome her, whinnying her pleasure as the handler kept the warm water caressing her cunt. Up and up she climbed, tumbling over again.

"Tomorrow night, Peony, Rose will lead. We'll see how you can read her."

Her bath complete, she was toweled off, every inch dried, and led back to her stall.

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