"I think we should start off with her on her back, don't you? I know her usual style might be bent over the front of a car or upright in the nearest bus shelter, but we can do better than that."

"Neither of those two are my style either," I replied, "but a standing fuck can be fun."

"We may try other positions at a later date but let us start off with something simple. Do you want her to give oral to begin with?"

"That would be nice. I can check if she's improved from last night." As I spoke, I felt my dick twitch in anticipation.

"You heard Duncan," said Eliza, turning her attention to Sylvia who had silently listened to us discussing her. "Turn around and kneel in front of him." Sylvia started to turn and knelt at my feet. "Keep your hands behind your head. No one told you to move them," snapped Eliza as Sylvia had started to release her hands to steady herself.

She was unsteady and still feeling the effects of her bondage and her knees were still stiff. She nearly fell sideways but eventually she was settled and steady. She looked up and her mouth opened invitingly. I was pleased to see this change in her attitude. She had settled in such a way that the tip of my penis was only about an inch away and she started to lean forward and take me gently. But I was not in the mood for niceties.

Grabbing her head and taking half a step forward I pulled her roughly onto me. It took her by surprise, and she coughed and spluttered and tried to pull back. I held her firmly in place. I pulled out a little way to allow her a breath before pushing myself back in. There seemed to be less enthusiasm from her today and it took all my strength to keep her in place. I could feel the barrier of her throat, but it seemed to me that I wasn't as far in as yesterday and that annoyed me. I pulled her off and tilted her head back so that she was looking at me.

"You're not trying!" I told her forcefully, "Now, do better!"

I let go of her head with one hand and slapped her across the cheek. She cried out but the sound was cut off as I pushed my dick back into her mouth. To give her credit she did begin to try harder and I finally reached our previous goal. With a little persuasion I managed to push even further. She still had a little way to go but I sensed that this might take time and I was anxious to try her cunt. I pushed her away and she fell sideways into a heap on the floor. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. Dribbles of spit ran from one corner of her mouth.

"That was a bit better, but still not good enough. Get on the bed!"

Still struggling to breathe, she crawled to the bed and managed to climb on. She rolled onto her back and looked up at me. She looked nervous but seemed to be on more familiar ground. She knew what was coming next and was no stranger to it.

"Spread them wide," I ordered her as I climbed up on the bed next to her feet.

"May I be of assistance?"

I'd almost forgotten about Eliza, concentrated as I had been on my more recent tussle with Sylvia's mouth. I looked across and smiled. She was already walking over and climbed up to take her place, a knee on either side of Sylvia's head. She grinned at me and then looked at the concerned expression on the girl's face. Eliza's nipples had finally given up the fight to be contained inside her leotard and both now stood proudly in the vee of her neckline that had been pushed to the sides. Now that I knew more about her, I felt this was not for my benefit but for herself and the girl now trapped beneath us. I couldn't help but enjoy the view though.

"Pass me her feet," she told me.

I understood immediately and picked up both of Sylvia's ankles, lifted them high in the air and passed them across. Sylvia was folded in half and her feet were held down to the bed either side of Eliza's knees. Her bum rolled upwards giving me clear aim on her cunt which was wet with expectation. It also showed the black rectangle of the base of her plug. I had almost forgotten about that and I grabbed it and pulled on it gently and rotated it in her hole. I think Sylvia thought I might be about to remove it and use her arse for my pleasure and looked relieved when I let go and stopped playing with it.

The truth is I could wait no longer, and my dick was anxious to get going. I took hold of it near the base and slowly dragged it back and forth along the length of her slit. She had leaked everywhere, and the tip was soon thickly coated with her juices. I took careful aim and started to ease myself in. I always enjoy that slow first entry. She was much tighter than I had expected although she had obviously been well used in the past. She was a long way from being a virgin. She hadn't wasted her twenty-two years.

She was wet enough to make my entry fairly easy despite her tightness, possibly the result of her plug, and I simply kept going, a fraction at a time but always going deeper. Finally, I was fully in and my balls slapped against the hard base of her plug.

I slid out slowly almost all the way before plunging back in, a little faster this time. I heard a grunt from Sylvia. It is always good to hear appreciation for one's efforts. I pulled back again and this time I drove into her, fucking her hard. I then started to piston back and forth.

"Oh, fuck!" came the small voice slightly muffled as her head lay trapped between Eliza's thighs.

"She's loving that," she commented, "mind if I join in?"

It was more a statement of intent than a question and, as I continued to fuck Sylvia's wet cunt, I watched as Eliza reached between her legs and tug at her leotard. The fastenings gave way, and her pussy came into view. She tucked the loose end of cloth out of the way and then spread her labia wide. Sylvia's eyes were open wide as this new sight filled her vision. She must have seen it before during their many late-night training sessions and she seemed to know what to expect. And what was expected of her. Still holding her lips apart, Eliza eased herself forward and carefully planted herself over Sylvia's mouth. The girl's face disappeared from view, but I could see her jaw obediently working away.

All this time I had kept up a steady rhythm that was echoed by the sound of the bed head hitting the wall. Satisfied with what was going on between her thighs Eliza now reached down and began to toy with Sylvia's clit. This seemed to be the last straw as she suddenly went stiff. She thrashed around moving one way then the other and Eliza and I had to cling on. Eliza had to stop playing with her and grab her ankle, mostly in self-preservation as it was waving about wildly, and she was in danger of being kicked.

As Sylvia calmed down, we both went back to what we had been doing. Her clit was once again toyed with, pinched and squeezed and massaged. I continued to fuck the cunt that was now pouring forth copious amounts of Sylvia's cum. I was far from ready for my own orgasm, so I just kept going. I varied my strokes both in depth and hardness. Sometimes I was gentle and then quickly changed to a deep, hard quick thrust. I could feel Sylvia start to stiffen again.

Eliza seemed to be of the same mind as me and was happy to reward the girl with a second orgasm. When it came it was less violent than the first, but her juices were just as plentiful. I could feel the damp patch slowly spreading on the sheet beneath us. Now I could feel the distant rumblings of my own orgasm deep inside me. I renewed my efforts and then suddenly burst, spilling my cum deep inside her. It seemed to go on forever and when I came back to reality, I could feel a weight on my shoulder. Eliza had nearly collapsed and was holding onto my shoulder for support. Her climax had coincided with mine. We were both breathing heavily.

Slowly she pushed herself upright and let go of me. She muttered an almost inaudible, "Wow." It was all she could manage. I wasn't in much better shape, breathless and seeing the world through a kind of haze. One thing I knew ... I was totally done. There would be no more action from me tonight. There have been nights in the past where I have managed to cum twice or even three times, but I knew this was not going to be one of those. I straightened up to ease my back. My lower legs were beginning to go numb and I knew I had to move soon. I let my limp dick fall out and rolled to the side. It felt so good to straighten my legs again. They tingled as the blood flowed back in.

Eliza had let go of Sylvia's ankles and, now unrestrained, they lifted in a graceful arc before crashing limply down onto the bed. Her cunt oozed with a mixture of my cum and her juice, spreading a puddle across the sheet where it was slowly absorbed. Eliza had pulled herself clear of Sylvia and now half-lay on the bed, her legs dangling over the side. Her leotard was still open showing evidence of her orgasm.

All three of us stayed silent for a long time as we gradually recovered. It was Eliza who stirred first, propping herself up on one elbow and looking at me. She had a bemused, almost puzzled look on her face. She glanced at the face of Sylvia, who lay unmoving where she had curled into a foetal position. She leaned down and listened carefully.

"I think she's asleep," she said, "I think she deserves to be allowed her rest. Its been a tough few days for her, but I think she's finally getting the idea."

She pushed herself to her feet. She pulled the two sides of her leotard together and tucked her breasts away, but she left the front and back tails still dangling. At the foot of the bed was an ottoman, padded and covered in pink velour. She opened it and pulled out the set of bed clothes that had been missing. She gently covered over the sleeping girl while I got out of the way.

"I should cuff her in place, but I feel I can trust her to still be here in the morning."

I had moved off the bed while she had been arranging the duvet and I had managed to find my t-shirt and shorts. I stepped into my shorts and pulled them up, covering my limp dick. I looked out of the window. It was already dark, and I was amazed at how the time had flown. Eliza gave a last tender kiss on the top of the head still showing and went to the door. She gave me a grin as she left, and I followed behind her. She led me into the lounge where she poured us both a generous measure of brandy. I think we both needed and deserved it. I sat in the same chair as before and although it brought back memories my body was too tired to respond.

"An interesting day," she said wistfully.


"I think we had a bit of a breakthrough with her today. She now has an idea of the rewards that might be on offer. She must be so fed up with being groped and fumbled by immature boys, so some good adult fucking must have made a nice change for her."

"Do you have anything in mind for her future?"

"There are two separate couples that are looking for a live-in maid. I'm not sure about them yet so I will invite them over separately so they can meet her. Her own parents don't seem to give a damn about her, poor thing. As soon as they'd left her with me, they went on a Caribbean cruise. They haven't responded to any of my e-mails."

"That's dreadful. So, she's been more or less abandoned."

"It would seem so. It's a good job I made them pay my fee upfront. I should have charged them double." She sighed, taking a large swig of brandy.

"No wonder her behaviour was as it was."

"There is still work to do, of course. She's not the finished article by a long way. Can I depend on you to help?"

"Certainly. I'm beginning to enjoy it ... and it certainly beats accountancy."

She drained the last of her drink and stood up. "I'm really tired. These last few days have really taken it out of me. I know I promised you food, but I really don't have any appetite. Its in the fridge in the kitchen if you want to take it with you. I feel a little discourteous but I'm sure you understand. I'll be over to discuss plans very soon."

Without any further apology she turned and walked out, the loose ends of her leotard still swinging wantonly between her legs. A second dismissal. I was getting used to it. It was her no-nonsense style and I found it quite refreshing. For a second time I walked to the back of the house switching off lights. I decided not to take up her offer of the pie in the fridge. I already had a freezer full of sad, lonely ready meals for one.

It was getting a bit chilly as I made my way through our garden gate and into the warmth of my kitchen. I had a lot to think about.

Sylvia's training continued over the next few weeks although my services were limited to the weekends. It was still a very pleasant way to pass my weekends off. Her bouts of rebellion became shorter and less frequent and her willingness to serve and do as she was told improved. Together Eliza and I trained her in several sexual techniques which she was happy to learn.

By the fourth weekend she was managing to cope with the largest plug even though she found walking a little difficult. It was more of a waddle than a walk, but I was assured that would improve with time. Besides, she wouldn't be expected to wear the largest all the time, only on special occasions. It did however mean that finally I could use her there.

It was like a ritual when I finally fucked her arse. Eliza meticulously planned it and Sylvia had had a couple of days to prepare for it. She was as nervous as hell and I must admit so was I. Eliza insisted on filming it all on her mobile. She was careful not to include our faces but got in very close to the action. She delighted afterwards in showing Sylvia the result on a large screen. Sylvia was shocked and at one point I thought she was going to burst into tears. Eliza told her not to be so silly and even pointed out some amusing sequences.

When I pulled out of Sylvia at the end having emptied myself inside her, she continued to gape, and her sphincter twitched almost as if it were speaking. Eliza piped up with a silly voice to add some dialogue. "Oh, thank you, Sir," she made the arse say and we all laughed. It lightened the mood and even Sylvia relaxed and laughed with us. She was sat on the floor cuddling up to Eliza who was softly stroking her hair. I sensed there was a growing fondness between the two of them. Certainly, Eliza had become much more benign in the past week.

The next weekend the weather had changed and there was just the tiniest hint of autumn in the air. There was a definite chill in the evenings although the days still had plenty of warm sunshine. When Eliza came over for her usual visit her mood seemed to have changed.

"Are you ok?" I asked her, "your mood seems different today."

"She's gone," she said flatly, her voice dripping with regret.

"You mean Sylvia?"


"Oh," I said feeling a bit shocked at the news, "I would like to have said goodbye."

"I thought it best not to upset you."

"Where has she gone?"

"Remember I told you that I had two couples lined up? I had them both over and one was plainly not suitable, but the other couple liked her at once and she seemed to warm to them. She is at their home for a one month trial. I thought you might like to see these," she said pulling out her mobile, "I took some picture of what she will be wearing."

She turned the phone in my direction, and I was greeted with a smiling Sylvia in all her glory. She was perched on almost dangerously high heels and her legs were covered with black hold-up stockings. And that was it, apart from a multi-coloured feather duster. It was a bit of a cliché, but it hit the right note. I doubted that she would be expected to use it very much. Above the stockings she was nude. There were several photos and in each she struck a new pose, most of them extremely lewd and explicit. As far as I could tell she was enjoying herself and was showing off proudly.

"She seems to be enjoying herself and getting into the spirit of things."

"I thought you might appreciate them. I'll e-mail you copies so you can save them."

"As long as she is happy."

"I always try to make sure of that. I want to thank you for all your help. I think you were secretly quite fond of her. I know I was." she said and seemed to be holding back her tears.

"I was. But you did all the hard work. The turnaround was amazing."

"Thank you, I was sorry to see her go but they've agreed to let us stay in touch. I shall follow her progress closely, like I have done with many of the others. But better news. It looks like I will need your assistance again soon. I have had a new enquiry. Worried parents again. A little more complicated this time in that its two sisters. Would you be interested?"

"That sounds like an exciting challenge."

"After you proved how invaluable you were with Sylvia, I insist that this time you take a percentage of my fee."

I tried to protest but on the inside my heart was jumping. I guessed she meant more of the same sort of duties but twice as much. And to get paid for it. Just try and stop me. Eventually she left after an agreement sealed with a handshake and I was left to ponder the future. Eliza and I made a very odd couple, but I had to admit we worked well together. Bring it on!

Sadly ... The End.











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