Chris is giving Faye's car keys a hard look before Beth snatches them off the table, "Don't even think about it!" as Faye continues to present her evidence.

"Some, or actually most of his stories were so outlandish, we figured he had to be making them up. But they were so funny or shocking or both, we started asking to hear more of them. He always had at least one or two a week, usually more. We thought he had one hell of an imagination!"

Beth interjects, "So you really did all that shit?? Holy fuck! I can't wait to tell Sondra!"

Chris is squirming like a worm on hot pavement on a summer day, "Do you really think that's necessary?"

Faye replies, "Are you kidding me? It's a fucking moral imperative! She's heard a lot of Mike's stories too and felt the same way we did! Wait until she sees you again! Does Eric know about any of this?"

Chris groans, "Only about the U-boat," while giving Beth an accusatory glance. "He was my lookout."

Beth's eyes suddenly go wide as she recalls another of Mike's stories, "Did you really ask a nun in front of the whole class if she masturbated?"

Chris drops his head and quietly utters, "Fuck."

"Is that a yes??" Faye asks, wearing an ear-to-ear grin.

"It's a long story," Chris replies. "And she had it coming."

"My schedule's clear Beth, how does yours look?"

"Clear as crystal Faye. Let's hear it Chris! I love long masturbation stories!"

So Chris tells them that story, and another they ask about, and another. . .

Eventually Faye asks what she believed to be an innocent question, "What was it that drove you do all those things Chris? It just seems so out of character from what we've seen of you up until now."

They both take notice that Chris's expression has suddenly changed to an emotionless mask, and he looks at them with an intensity they hadn't seen before. More through them then at them. They both feel like he is almost reading their thoughts; reading them. Not a hint of shyness.

Chris is wrestling with a decision, and the look he is giving them is kind of freaking them out.

So Beth speaks up, "Chris. . . is everything ok? Your kind of freaking me out."

A few moments pass, and Chris looks down at the table for a few moments more. The girls don't even realize they are holding their breath. When Chris raises his head back up, they see the shy quiet young man they met the night before. They exhale, and Chris begins to speak.

"Last night you asked me why I haven't had a girlfriend, why I had never dated. And you correctly assumed, and I verified, that it was due to shyness. But it runs deeper than that. My shyness is a defense mechanism to keep distance. I have trust issues related to events that occurred as far back as I can remember. I was bullied when I was younger, from both inside and outside my family. Over time, I found ways to prevent it. Those ways worked great with males and family members. But I can't use the same tactics with women. I don't really understand women; what they like, how they think; so I usually just clam up until they leave. Mainly because I don't know how to respond to them. I have a different emotional response with women. And I don't have much experience in dealing with those emotions. If you really want to know why I'm the way I am, why I have done the things I've done, I will tell you. But based on past experiences with the few who have learned about my past, it may be a story you don't want to hear. One you won't like to hear as much as I won't like telling. Maybe more so. It will change how you view me, and I won't like that either. But I've learned you can't have one without the other. I'm going to walk to the end of your driveway and back to give you both time to discuss it and decide what you do or don't want to know. But if you choose to hear me out, I'll need your word that you will not speak of it to anyone else. If you can't do that, then there is nothing to talk about."

Chris is barely halfway down the drive when he hears and then sees Faye's car coming up behind him.

"Get in."

When they return to the deck, there is a beer on the table in front of each chair, an unopened fifth of Jack Daniels and three empty but waiting shot glasses.

Over two hours have passed when Chris has reached the point where he moved into his apartment. Both women have cried and laughed several times, and they have tears in their eyes when he is finished.

Chris has half a bottle of his beer left and an unused shot glass in front of him. The girls have three empty beer bottles each and less than half a fifth of whiskey in front of them. They had ditched the shot glasses over an hour ago and have been passing the bottle back and forth ever since. All you can hear now are the birds and the sound of the wind blowing through the trees as they both stare at Chris.

After a few moments, Chris picks up Faye's car keys and stands up. Beth and Faye are up in a flash. Faye circles behind Chris while Beth walks to within inches of his face, and in a remarkably calm voice says, "Where the fuck are you going?"

"I thought I would give both of you some time to think over what you just heard."

"If you even think about leaving right now, we will chain your ass to this deck!" is Beth's reply.

"I understand Beth, I just don't want any sympathy; from either of you. I couldn't stand that. I'm the same person I was two hours ago. You just happen to know more about me. I haven't changed, but it looks like you have."

Beth suddenly reaches out and grabs Chris by his throat just under his jaw line. Not hard enough to choke, but close enough that it gets his undivided attention.

"Look me in the eyes Chris." They are almost nose to nose now, and he finds the fact that she is able look down at him a little disconcerting.

"Do you see anything that remotely resembles sympathy?" Her voice is soft, but also a little unnerving. The hair on Chris's neck actually stood up.

"I'm going to say. . .no."

"Good answer! Do you need to see Faye's eyes?" Beth still has him by the throat, but with a slightly lighter grip.

"Actually, if they look anything like yours, I'm just hoping the hair on the back of my head doesn't burst into flames."

"Good boy! Braun and brains. We don't get to see that combination very often." And suddenly Beth all but slams her lips against his while at the same time, Faye gives his neck a pretty good bite from behind. When Beth pulls back from the kiss. . .

"OW!! What the fuck Faye!"

"Just marking our territory! Are you ready to go cool off in the pool? Maybe soak your neck? I think it may bruise." He's really beginning to hate that smirk she has on her face.

"I don't have a suit."

Beth has finally released her grip on his neck and replies, "Sure you do, it's your birthday suit birthday boy."

They both walk past him to the pool and start removing their clothes. Once they have done so, they dive into the pool while Chris is busy impersonating a statue, complete with wide open mouth and eyes.

Both women surface, swim to the side of the pool facing Chris and rest their arms on the ledge as Faye speaks up.

"Option A, you walk over here, put your clothes on a chair, jump in the pool and join us for a swim. Option B, we come out there, strip your clothes off you, and throw you into the pool. I'm kind of liking option B myself. My hands sometimes have a mind of their own, right Beth?" as one of Faye's hands slips below the surface and does something that causes Beth's body to jerk.

Chris, in sort of a daze, slowly approaches the pool. He kicks his shoes off and then removes his shirt. Both women are very impressed. Chris is oblivious and is hoping they aren't too disappointed.

"Could I just jump in with my shorts on?"

"Sure," Beth replies, "but I really don't see the point, you won't have them on long once you get in. Faye's hands and all. . ." Faye smiles and wiggles her fingers in the air.

"Could you at least turn around until I get in?"

"You had the balls to ask a nun if she rubs one out when you were ten fucking years old in front of a whole classroom full of students, but you're too shy to take off your shorts in front of two naked women eight years later?" Chris is finding Faye's smirk more irritating with every passing minute.

They finally relent and turn around. Soon after, they see Chris dive into the pool and surface to lean against the far wall. They are over halfway to him before he turns around, and he has the 'deer in the headlights' look. When they reach him, they mimic his position on either side of him, shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, and Faye commences to speak.

"We both saw you almost as soon as we arrived last night. Before we met, some of our conversation was about you. We both liked how you looked. When you stepped in front of those jerks, we were both sure you would use it as an opportunity to get acquainted. And it may have worked."

"Would have worked for me!" Beth interjected.

"Ditto." Faye replied, and then continued, "When you turned and left, we became curious, and I asked Sondra about you. She told me about your shyness and your lack of experience and Eric confirmed it. Please don't be upset with them. We both knew you hadn't dated before we asked you about it. I also told Sondra what to say to you when I bought you a drink to set up our introduction. We are both sorry for misleading you, but at the time, we just wanted to meet you and learn more about you. It seemed like a good way to get that accomplished. Your shyness made a more direct approach less viable. As we got to know you, not just what you said, but how you conducted yourself, we really started to want to get to know you better. When you compared us with the sunrises you watch every day, it made my chest tighten up. Beth's too. We could tell by your eyes it wasn't just a line, but how you really felt. We hear bullshit lines all the time. None of them have ever touched us like what you had said to us last night."

Beth: "I hope you understand what happened last night and so far today isn't the norm for us. Faye and I have been a couple for over twelve years and living together for a little over five. It's been nine years since I've been with a man, seven for Faye. Both times were for physical release, a change of pace for just a few days, and never with three of us. As Faye and I became closer, men held less and less interest for us. Until now."

Faye: "Beth and I have discussed it, and we both agree we are very attracted to you physically. We also agree it's more than just that, and what you have just told us makes you even more attractive to us. With that in mind, we have some things we would like to ask you."

Beth: "Do you find us attractive Chris? Do you like holding us, kissing us, being near us like this?"

Chris is having trouble with his throat and tongue right now, so he just nods.

Beth continues, "By your own admission, last night was the first time you had a conversation with a woman you are attracted to. The first time you held hands. The first time you held and kissed a woman. Faye and I hope you would like that to continue. We would like to be your first in everything. I guess I should say first and second because we want to do this with you together, as three. Do you think you could allow us that? You don't have to answer now. You can take some time to think it over. As much time as you. . ."

"Yes." Chris replies softly.

Faye turns and faces Chris.

"There are some conditions you will have to agree to. This isn't a one night or one weekend thing. It isn't just about sex. We want to spend time with you. Go out with you; to movies, dinners, parties, anything Beth and I have done together in the past as a couple, we want to do with you. And we are not very good with sharing. As long as you are with us, it can only be us. Not always together, but only us. Is that agreeable to you?"

After several moments pass, Chris replies, "Are you telling me I'm going to have to throw out my little black book with the multitude of names and numbers from my past conquests?" He's not hiding his smile very well.

"You know you're going to pay for that later right?" Beth answers with an evil smile.

Faye asks, "Can I assume that's a yes then, to all of it?"

"Yeah Faye. Just thinking of getting to spend time anywhere with just one of you is more than I ever dreamed of. Being here, just talking with both of you, I keep feeling I am going to wake up at any moment with nothing but the memory of an incredible dream. I hope you understand and can accept that I have absolutely no idea how to move forward from here. This has all been new to me since we first met last night. I hope I don't disappoint you. Either of you."

Faye gives Beth a look and says to Chris, "Stay right here, Beth and I need to talk about something. This is going to be new for us too," and they both move to a far corner of the pool and have a short, whispered discussion.

In just a few minutes, Beth swims back toward Chris while Faye grabs one of the two inflatable rafts floating in the pool and joins them.

Faye says to Chris, "I want you to climb onto the raft and lay on your back."

Use your imagination for the look that is on Chris's face right now. I don't possess the vocabulary to describe it.

Beth whispers to him, "Do you know how excited I was when I first put my arms around you last night and felt what you were hiding under your shirt? When we first kissed? Faye and I have been thinking about seeing you like this since then. Please do as she asks. I promise you won't regret it. It might help if you close your eyes."

Chris takes a deep breath and closes his eyes while they help put him into position on the raft.

"Oh, that is nice!" he hears Faye say.

"Very nice!" from Beth.

Just to be clear, in case anyone gives a shit, Chris's "member" is not monstrous; it does not resemble a baby's arm holding an apple or cause people to confuse him with a tripod. Mares do not gaze upon him with longing in their eyes, stallions do not hang their heads in shame while in his presence and moray eels do not attempt to mate with Mr. Johnson if Chris happens to swim naked in the ocean. He has never measured it, nor had it measured. Ignorance is bliss right? Chris is completely content with the opinions of Beth and Faye. "Nice" and "Very nice" are rocking his world right now!

Moving on. . .

Beth and Faye are on either side of the raft where his head is resting. Beth asks him to keep his eyes closed and listen to their voices. Faye starts off speaking softly into his ear, so close he can feel her breath on him.

"I lied to you when I picked you up earlier Chris. I told you to bring a change of clothes in case we drank too much. The reason I had you bring a change of clothes is I was hoping to get you here like this. I was hoping that you would allow Beth and I to pleasure you all weekend, in all kinds of ways. Some ways you know, some you have never dreamed of."

Beth is just as close as Faye on his other side, "We know how excited you are right now. We can see your cock throbbing just listening to our words while you try to imagine what we are going to do to you. You have no idea what kind of sensations you are going to experience. But right now, you are too excited to be able to fully experience any of them. We are going to get you off soon, so you can feel even more pleasure later. When you cum the first time, you are going to think nothing could ever feel as good. But you'll be wrong. And we are going to show you how wrong you are before we're done."

Faye: "Do you think we can make you cum without touching you Chris? Without having you look at us? Without seeing our breasts or feel them press against you? Without watching our nipples harden with excitement like mine are now? Without seeing how swollen our pussy lips get with that same excitement? Or how our cunts will sometimes drip in anticipation like mine was doing in your apartment this afternoon when I held you? Did you know you have that kind of affect on me? We think we can make you come without any of that. When we start describing to you what we will be doing to you after you cum the first time. How one of us will lightly caress your balls while the other slowly slides their fingertips up and down the underside of your cock. And when you think you can't take any more, you'll feel one of us wrap our hand around that stiff hunk of meat between your legs, and ever so slowly stroke it up and down. Not enough to make you cum again. Not right away. Just enough to get you close. Enough to keep you close, for as long as we wish. Until we tell you when to cum, and you have no choice but to do so."

Chris is almost panting, and hid body has been visibly shaking since Faye said "nipples".

Beth: "Have you ever thought about what it must feel like to have a woman's lips slip over the head of you cock? Have her tongue ever so lightly flick back and forth on the underside of you cock, just beneath that small hole where you cum will shoot out?"

They both heard Chris groan from deep in his throat, and then watched as stream after stream of white viscous fluid shot across his chest.

Faye, still whispering in his ear, "Well, we got the first one out of the way. Don't bother counting, I guarantee you will lose track before we're done. Let's go get a shower and Beth and I will give you that hand job we just told you about." And not being able to help herself, she flips him off the raft and into the water. "Sorry!"

Truth be told, it was exactly what he needed to bring him back.

When he surfaces, he says to Faye, "If that's the price of admission, I'll take it all day long!"

"You think you could go all day long?" There's that smirk again, but for some reason, it doesn't bother him right now.

"If that's the mission, I'll be happy to give it my all!"

Beth and Faye are already out of the pool toweling off as Chris is climbing out. They both notice there is a part of him that is still pointing skyward. It may be due in part to him seeing both women in all their glory for the first time. And he's thinking, 'fuck the sunrise!'

Observing Chris still in an aroused state, Beth comments, "Well that will never do!" and as he starts to walk past her to get a towel, she slips up behind him, presses herself against his back, reaches around him and begins to stroke his still rigid cock with her right hand while caressing his balls with her left. Kissing and nibbling on his neck and ears as she does so and whispering, "Cum for me baby, right here, right now! I want to feel your cock throbbing in my hand when you shoot your load! I want to feel your balls pull up inside your sack right before you cum. Come on baby, shoot that load for me! That's it. Shoot that load all over Faye's belly! Oh yeah! Just like that baby!"

When Faye saw Beth slip behind Chris, she steps right in front of him while Beth began working him over. She starts massaging her breasts with one hand while rubbing her pussy with the other, just far enough away for Chris to see what she is doing to herself. When she heard Beth telling Chris to cum, she leaned forward, pressed her lips and body to his and snakes her tongue into his mouth while continuing to massage her breasts and her cunt. She can feel Beth's hand stroking Chris's cock against her stomach. In less than a minute she hears Chris moan, felt him shudder and feels his load spray across her stomach. "Hmm, are you marking your territory Mr. Man?" Faye asks.

All Chris can do is look at her right now because his mind is fully focused on keeping himself upright. Beth keeps one arm around Chris, still gently holding his cock, and uses the other to toss Faye the towel she had been drying herself off with before she accosted Chris. She then wraps that arm back around him and continues to gently stroke his balls while kissing and caressing his neck and ears with her lips and tongue. & uid=394246

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