I felt a tickling at my cock, it started to break up my sleep, and I felt it become more pronounced as I started to rise from slumber. The mists of sleep cleared as I reached down, felt the head of long brown hair between my legs, looking down, I could see Roxanne's mouth around my prick, sliding up and down slowly. Her eyes turned up to me, her warm brown eyes full of the hazy glow of passion.

She lifted her mouth and purred, "Good morning sugar. Your cock was so hard, I just had to give you a wake-up cock sucking. Now that you are awake, I'm gonna ride you, lover man."

I filled my eyes with the superb view. My neighbor's 18-year-old daughter, Roxanne, the incredibly sexy sight of such a gorgeous teen, eager for my cock, wanting to make love with me for sheer pleasure, perching herself just above me. Her hand grasped my cock, swollen with my morning hard-on. She nudged herself against me and gave me a big smile.

"Mmmm, so hard, so eager, just the way your cock should always be, ready for my holes to give you the relief you need. With me, I would NEVER let you out of the house until your cock had gotten the solid hard suck and fuck a lover you deserve. You would always have a well-milked cock before you had to go out. Hang on lover!"

She drove down with a fierce thrust, swallowing my cock right to the balls. My grunt of pleasure joined her growl as she impaled herself, the feel of her warm wet muscles parting to let me in, the gripping at me was superb.

She paused for just a moment, the sight of Roxanne, naked and horny, perched on my cock was a real ball stirrer. She lifted up then rammed down, letting out more growls of pleasure, then she settled into a fast, hard rhythm, taking a lust-driven morning ride. I filled my eyes with the sight of her body in the grip of carnal-driven need, her nipples stiff and perky, breasts bouncing with the rhythm, she felt so amazing.

As she rode, she murmured, "Oh yes, so good, so hard, so deep, feels so wonderful, I love it."

Watching her riding, her sexy body moving and swaying with each plunge, the eager grip was making my balls churn. I watched as she brought her hands up, cupping her sexy breasts, letting our growls of pleasure as her fingers pulled and tweaked at her very stiff, perky nipples.

"Mmmm, Mmmmm, mmmmmmm, oh you sweet man, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, come with me Dennis, cream me, CREAM MEEE!"

I felt the tightening up, the quivering of her warm, wet muscles around me, and I arched up to her, grunting in a shuddering orgasm as I spent my morning load. Our cries of climax blended as the gripping spasms milked me for every drop, not letting go until the last spasm had shaken through her body.

She draped herself forward, her eyes held mine, and she cooed, "Mmmm, Dennis that was amazing. It felt like my entire body was cumming, I could feel the warmth spread through my womb as your cock filled me with a big morning load of hot spunk. You are the best lover I've ever had."

She looked into my face and said softly, "Can we go to Gateway Beach? You know, the nude beach that's just up the coast. I'd love to bare my body to the sun and the water."

I was happy to agree, with it being a weekday, the beach should be less crowded, and after breakfast, we hopped in the car and hit the highway up the coast, soon we were pulling up. Large signs warned us about the clothing-optional nature, and a parking lot attendant made sure that we knew about it, also. I was eager to see Roxanne's nudity again, even if everyone on the beach would get to see her in her birthday suit, also.

I had the men's locker room all to myself, and I quickly pulled off my clothes and locked them up. I'm no Charles Atlas bodybuilder type, but I was grateful to have kept enough of a shape that I wouldn't frighten anybody. I took my large, rolled-up beach towel, and went out.

Stepping out of the locker room into a hallway that led to the beach, I came face to face with Roxanne carrying her beach towel, she smiled at me, and whispered, "Are you ready? I sure am, damn, I'm getting so turned on, being in the nude, and knowing that I'm about to expose myself to a beach full of strangers, is making me horny!"

My cock had noticed, and I was right back up, hard, and eager. She smiled at my obvious approval, and cooed, "Let's just relax a bit back here, I'll take care of that nice hard cock later."

We waited a few minutes until my cock had relaxed, then, we swung out of the locker area, and started down the beach.

We had sunglasses on, and I surveyed the people as we walked. It was a smorgasbord of bodies, all kinds, young, old, middle-aged, some very shapely, sexy bodies, some not so shapely, lots of pubic hairstyles, from thick tufts, to neatly trimmed, to bare and smooth. I noticed some people just glance casually our way, no leers or stares, everyone was cool with their own nudity, and ours, and I felt relaxed by the acceptance.

Finding a sunny, open spot, we spread our towels, and I had the extreme pleasure of running my hands all over Roxanne's nude body, caressing her supple skin as I stroked her down with sunscreen. I then felt the pleasure of her soft hands doing the same to me, and my cock rose up, and she happily oiled down my erection.

Roxanne giggled as she cooed, "Oh my god, a sunburned cock would be horrible. I want your cock healthy and well, I have plans for your sexy prick!"

Laying back, with the sun shining down, my cock was again relaxed, and we lay side by side, just enjoying the day's warmth and our closeness. My mind started to think. I have a gorgeous 18-year-old who is crazy about me, versus a 35-year-old cold fish, I could feel a definite pull towards staying on the new path. I wondered if my wife had someone on the side. Was she hoping I'd pull the plug? Was she working up the courage to do it herself? Lots to think about, but for now, I decided it would just be better to relax and live in the moment.

After a few back and forth flips, Roxanne pulled me to my feet, and hand in hand, we dashed into the lake. The coolness of the lake water gave us a pleasant shock, as the heat of our tanned skin met the brisk, cooler water. Roxanne loves to swim, and we went out a bit further until the water was up to the top of Roxanne's shoulders, so we could swim freely, without having to avoid people just paddling around in the lake.

After a while, we decided to call it a day. Before we left the lake, Roxanne had me stand so my back was to the beach. Her hands reached down, grinning, and stroked my cock. She smiled as she could fondle me, the water and the angle of my body hiding her arms.

"Now, let's go home lover man, I need your loving so much."

We walked out of the water, picked up our towels, and strolled back down the beach. Again, everyone was cool, no staring, no leering, and I felt like this was something I wanted to do regularly.

Emerging from the dressing room, Roxanne had put on just a small bikini bottom that was pressed tight against her smooth mound, and a halter top that displayed a lot more than it covered. I had just put on board shorts and a loose T-shirt, and I smiled as I saw my lover, once again looking so wildly sexy, my cock also taking notice.

When we got home, we were quickly in the bedroom. I pulled her close, her flushed face, the look of need in her eyes, and her deeper breathing urged me on. I pulled her halter off, her lips sought mine, and I could feel her stiff, hard nipples pressing against me, she moaned into my mouth as our kiss got hotter and deeper. I slipped my hand into her bikini bottoms, feeling the heat building up. I kissed my way down her body while I gently pushed the bottoms down, I soon had Roxanne flat on her back, her legs spread.

Her pussy loomed before my eyes, parted slightly, letting me peek into her inner coral flesh, swollen with desire, her lips slick and syrupy with her juices. The scent of her aroused heat filled my nose, peppery, musky, so hot and desirable. I slid my fingers along her slick pussy lips, her soft moan of pleasure urging me on, and my tongue quickly followed my fingers, riding along her pink outer lips. My tongue swept all over her swollen pink labial lips, licking at them, my senses filled with the hot dewy sensations of my Roxanne in heat. I eagerly lapped up the slick juices, then I buried my face into her tight teen pussy, running my tongue deeply into Roxanne, tasting her special cream.

"Yes, oh yes, I love how you kiss me down there, I love my sugar, I love the feel of your mouth at me," Roxanne cooed.

Roxanne's clitoris rose up, peering out from its hooded canopy, eager to join the fun, and my tongue started to lick at her right there.

She started to gasp and moan, "Yes, oh yes, there, right there, keep licking me, make me cum!"

I slid 2 fingers up her pussy, finger fucking her as I drew her throbbing clit into my mouth. She was making wordless sounds of passion as I swept my tongue over her clit, wrapping my tongue around the hard swollen bud, and tugging at it, urging her to explode.

"Yes, oh yes, gonna cum, gonna cum, unh, unnnh, yes, oh yes, yes, FUUUCCKKK!"

Roxanne's voice rose to a full-throated shriek as she exploded, her orgasm blasting into her pussy, turning it into a vat of hot juices. Her pussy spasmed wildly, pulsing and contracting to squeeze my fingers, as her pussy became a raging river, and I sucked her juices out, licking her gently as she came down from her orgasmic peak, the musky taste filling my senses. Her eyes gazed at me with a look of satisfaction.

"Put me up against the wall and fuck me standing up. Bring your sexy cock right here, and bury it, lover man!"

As we did so, Roxanne reached out, grabbed my cock, and guided me into her. I grunted loudly as I felt the hot wet velvet parting easily for me, the tightening up to an exquisite grip, my eyes widened in surprise as Roxanne smiled at me.

"Kegels, when your stiff cock is buried deep, it's the best time to exercise them," she cooed. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, I want a little force, ram my tight little cunt!"

I growled aloud, and started to power it into her, roughly violating Roxanne as she squirmed and writhed against me. With her back pressed against the wall, I grabbed her ass cheeks, holding her up, her legs came up around my waist as I pistoned my prick into her.

She cried out her encouragement, "Oh yeah, ram my cunt, make me take it, master!"

Sounded like she had one hot fantasy going, and I was eager to please. I fucked her hard and fast, reaming her out as her cries, moans, and grunts of pleasure filled the bedroom. Her juices were flowing, and I reached down, rubbing the tight pucker of her asshole. Her eyes opened wide, looking into mine.

"Yes, yes, do it, take my ass, make me cum like your cock hungry slut, master!"

I felt the tight little pucker relax under my finger, and I slid it into her ass as far as I could go. She moaned wordlessly into my ear.

"Cum on my cock, cum like a horny needy slut!" I grunted.

Roxanne's voice rose to a shriek of pleasure, it felt like both my cock and my finger were sucked in as deep as possible.

"I'm cumming master, cum inside of me master, fill me with your cum and mark me as your own!"

I rammed into her once more, oh fuck, I could feel my cock inside of her with my finger.

Keeping her legs tight around my waist, Roxanne let out an animalistic growl as she came again, rocking her hips hard against me, fucking my cock and finger savagely as I powered into her, my balls churning wildly, ready to explode. She grabbed my other hand and sucked on my fingers. I could feel her mouth tighten up around my fingers, as her tight pussy contracted over and over with the spasms of her climaxes sucking at my cock, and I reached my limit as I felt my balls pull up, locking into firing position.

"Fuck baby, fuck, fuck, FUCK!"

I could feel my balls heaving as Roxanne exploded once more, and I let out a loud growl as my cock burst, squirting over and over, Roxanne's sexual hunger kept me going, pumping into her over and over. Filling her contracting fuck hole was an exercise in unbridled sexual lust, I was squirting a huge load of seed into her, my orgasm drew out, making my body shudder.

Roxanne smiled at me as she pulled my fingers out of her mouth. I pulled my finger out of her ass, cupping her cheeks as she unhooked her ankles. I pulled myself out and she slid down my body, sinking to her knees before me.

"Is my master pleased?" she cooed. "Now master needs his cock cleaned."

Roxanne's mouth was level with my cock, I felt her grab the base of my cock as she opened her mouth wide, clamped her lips around the base of my cock, and drew back with a strong, milking pull. I gave out a loud moan as her tongue sucked and slurped all along my shaft, eager to taste every bit of the mingled passions of our coupling. She cleaned my cock with a few long sucks before she pulled my cock out of her mouth and gave my cock head a lollipop licking to cap it off.

We made our way to the bed, sinking down, tired but well fucked, as we drifted off into a very peaceful afternoon nap.






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