Dan took the boat back up to cruising speed and headed for a beach where they could anchor. "Dan, can I have just a little more orange juice and vodka if I promise not to drink it as fast as I drank the last one?"

"Sure, Jenny, but make sure you use very little vodka and promise me again that you won't tell. O.K.?"

"O.K., Dan. I'll be right back." With that she disappeared into the cabin but returned only a few moments later with a refill. "Are we almost there?" she asked.

"Yes, just about. We'll anchor just off those tall trees up ahead right next to a sandbar which we can swim from. In fact when we get up there I'd like you to take the helm again. The boat will be idling and when I get the anchor in the water I want you to pull back on these two black levers at the same time without touching the red ones. That will put the boat in very slow reverse and allow the anchor to set in the sand. When I tell you, put them back into the neutral position by pushing them forward so they are straight up again. O.K., can you do that?"

"Sure I can. You just tell me when."

Within a few minutes the anchor had been set and the boat was gently rocking in about five feet of very clear water.

"That was a great job, Jenny. Now we have both earned some lunch."

"Jenny, I just noticed that I missed a little spot with the lotion. Let me grab the bottle and bring it down with us and I will cover it before you go out in the sun again. O.K.?"

"Sure, Dan. I really don't want to get burned."

As soon as they got down into the cabin, Jenny stopped and waited for Dan to open the bottle. Again, he put a little too much lotion on his right hand. Just like the last time he stood behind her and moved his hand over her right shoulder. The lotion ran off the tips of his fingers again and down her front but this time he did not ask her if it was all right to put his hand inside her shirt. He just did it, now confident that she would easily accept it. In fact, as soon as his fingers reached the edge of her bra she lightly grabbed his forearm and moved it down so his hand went far enough over her bra so he could grasp her entire breast, which he did gently. She made a little gasp and placed her right hand over his and began to move it around. He immediately took the cue and began to massage her right breast while using his left hand to lift the hair off her neck at which point he kissed it softly.

"Does that feel good, Jenny?" he whispered softly in her ear.

"Oh, yes," she responded quietly.

"I'll only stop when you ask me to. O.K.? Can that be our deal? I'll promise to only do things that you want me to and which make you feel good.? O.K.?"

By this time her nipples had become very hard and were pushing against the bra and his hand. Dan began to fondle it very gently even though Jenny had begun pushing it more and more forcefully again his hand.

"I think I'd like to see how beautiful you are without that top on. O.K.?" Dan asked gently as he removed his hand and began to lift the bottom of her shirt up.

She didn't say anything and did not protest as he went ahead and lifted her shirt up. When her shirt was completely off, he gently turned her toward him. Jenny was just the slightest bit embarrassed at letting him see her because by this time both of her dark nipples were clearly outlined under the flimsy material of her new beige bra just like she imagined when she bought it.

"Your breasts are so beautiful," Dan said as he pulled her toward him and kissed her fully on the mouth. While they were kissing he gently pulled her to the couch where, after they broke a deep kiss, he sat down in front of her. In this position, her breasts were directly in front of him and he immediately began to kiss the skin above her bra. She let her hands fall gently on his shoulders and only moved enough to bring different areas of her breasts under his increasingly demanding mouth. He finally took one of her nipples, still hidden from view by the filmy material of her bra, gently into his mouth where he began to suck on it and move it around with his tongue.

Jenny had never felt anything like this before. This made what Todd did to her in the car seem so rough and insensitive that it made her cringe. She couldn't believe it but she was almost going to have an orgasm and she hadn't even touched herself. She focused on the feelings which were engulfing her and hoped Dan wouldn't stop. Just then he did stop, but only long enough to go to the other breast where he did the same wonderful things to the nipple through the material of her bra. She couldn't believe how hard her nipples had gotten and how much she wanted her bra off so she could feel the warm wetness of his mouth and tongue directly on her nipples. Almost as if he could read her mind, he reached up and slid her bra straps down and gently lowered the cup of her bra away from her breast and nipple that he was feasting on. He then took it back into his mouth. She didn't know how he had timed it so perfectly but she had an intense orgasm just as he started sucking on it again. As she gradually recovered she was totally amazed that it had happened without even being touched "down there" and by the fact that it was the very first time that it had happened with someone else. "Then again," she thought, "the only one I have been with is Todd and he wouldn't know what to do if his life depended on it."

"M-m-m-m, you taste so good that I don't ever want to stop," Dan said as his hands began to stroke her legs.

"You don't have to stop if you don't want to." Jenny said, still a little out of breath.

"Maybe for now ... Why don't you just slip your shirt back on, maybe without your bra and we'll have some more orange juice and some shrimp salad and fruit. O.K.?"

The sexual tension continued in the cabin as they prepared their plates and only dissipated slightly when they went up on deck to eat. Jenny kept sneaking looks between her legs to make sure that there wasn't any sign of her earlier wetness. With lunch they each had another orange juice with a small amount of vodka. The entire meal was finished before Dan spoke. "Jenny, you are one of the most incredibly attractive young women I have ever been around." Then he paused briefly before he continued. "I hope that doesn't make you feel too uncomfortable but I just had to say it."

"Oh, no, it's o.k. to say that even though it is a little hard to imagine that it's true."

"After lunch and a little sun we'll go down below and I'll try to do some more convincing. O.K.?"

Jenny didn't answer and neither of them talked during the rest of the meal. As soon as both had finished eating, Jenny gathered up her plate and glass and went down into the cabin. As she was rinsing both of their dishes in the sink in the galley, Dan closed the blinds of the main salon and around the V berth in the bow. After finishing he went back into the salon where Jenny was sitting rather primly on the main couch. "Now, where were we just before we stopped to have lunch. Oh, yes, I remember," Dan said with a casual nod. With that he went to her, took her hands, and lifted her up from the couch, moved her in front of him again and kissed her fully on the mouth. She immediately responded with her tongue. Soon she was once again breathing heavily and moving against him. By this time his erection was very pronounced and he was convinced that she must be able to feel it as she pressed up against him.

"I'm sorry, Jenny, but as you can feel, you are driving me absolutely crazy. I just want to kiss you all over." With that, Jenny did something that she never thought she would ever do, she lifted her own shirt off, pushed him gently down into a sitting position on the couch, leaned toward him and lifted her right breast up so the nipple touched his lips.

"Please start right there and don't stop until you have tasted every part of me that you want to," was all that she said as his mouth began to move over her again. After changing several times between her right and left breasts, and hearing her breathing get increasingly agitated, he got up and gently led her to the forward stateroom where he gently lay her down with her legs partially off the edge of the V berth. He then leaned down over her and again began kissing her breasts. Gradually he move down her body until he was kissing her just above the top of her shorts while he gently fondled her breasts. As she began to move her hips to encourage him, he unsnapped the top button of her shorts and gently undid the zipper. "Is this o.k.?" he asked.

All she said was, "Uh-huh."

When the zipper was all the way down he gently lifted her legs and slid the shorts off. The sight of her pubic hair through the sheer beige panties almost pushed him over the edge.

"Has anyone ever kissed you down here before?" he asked.

"No, never. But I have read about it in lots of books and it always made me feel really sexy when I did."

"I really want to but if you want me to stop, you know that our deal is that all you have to say is 'Please, stop.' O.K.?"

"It's o.k. and I promise that I'll tell you if I want you to stop."

With that encouragement, Dan began to move his mouth down her stomach and onto her panties where he paused and breathed softly into her pubic hair. Then he began to push his tongue into the top of the slight crease that he could feel through the material. Again, Jenny began to move her hips and pushed her panties gently up against his mouth. After moaning softly several times, she lifted herself slightly off the bed, slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and eased them down her legs. Dan immediately pulled them all the way off and moved his mouth directly to the top of her crease where he pushed her pubic hair aside with his tongue and began to probe deeper. As his tongue found its mark she gasped loudly.

"My god, it feels so good!" Jenny exclaimed as he continued to probe her.

Although he used his tongue to explore her open and wet lips he never left her clitoris for any more than a few seconds at a time. He also gradually moved lower and lower until he put the very tip of his tongue into her while putting his entire mouth around as much of her as he could. Her breathing and moaning got increasingly heavy and when he next captured her clitoris in his mouth and stroked it with the tip of his tongue, Jenny experienced her second orgasm of the trip and her most intense ever. While she was recovering he left his cheek rest quietly on her thigh.

After her breathing returned to normal, Dan lifted himself up from between her legs. As he did so, she reached up and grabbed him around the neck, pulled him down next to her and whispered in his ear. "That was incredible! Please hold me really close for a few minutes."

Dan moved Jenny and himself up fully onto the V berth, took a sheet from a shelf on the port side and gently spread it over them, not so much for warmth as to cover her nakedness in case she might be a little self-conscious.

They lay like that for several minutes when she finally broke the silence. "I can't believe how good that felt. I have never had anything like that happen to me."

"I am glad you liked it, but how do you think that you will feel later that it happened? Do you think that you will be sorry that we did what we did?" Dan asked gently.

"Oh, no! Not at all!" she exclaimed. "That was one of the most wonderful things that I could ever imagine. Thank you, thank you, thank you." With that, she once again snuggled into his arms where they settled back into intimate silence.

... to be continued











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