"Um...can I jerk off whilst I watch?" I asked my sister.

"Of course!" she laughed, "Don't be shy. You can do what you want hon. Spank that monkey!"

I grinned at her then gripped my cock. I casually pumped it, jerking off as I watched my sister bugger her lover with the strap-on.

"Careful not to cum," Jenny said a moment later, "I want you to fuck me in the arse once your sister and me have fucked you."


I continued to jerk off as I watched the lovely ladies in action. I was fascinated at the sight of the dildo alternately vanishing then reappearing from Jenny's bum, but I also enjoyed the sight of both ladies as a whole; Jenny's big tits swinging back and forth beneath her, my own sister's smaller, firmer boobs topped with nipples that were large and erect; my sister's bum clenching and unclenching as she thrust away; the beautiful look of joy on both their horny faces.

I had to stop wanking off after a moment as I was in danger of shooting my load.

"That'll do you Jenny," Lynda said shortly, pulling the long dildo out of her girlfriend's arse with a 'pop', "James? Take her place little brother. Your big sister is going to deflower your cute little arse."

Jenny moved aside and knelt up, watching as I tentatively got on my hands and knees in front of my sister, my arse thrust behind me and spread. I was a little nervous, but very excited. I glanced at Jenny, who knelt next to us, watching whilst working a couple of fingers into her tight, wet, red-furred cunt.

Lynda took the jelly and squirted some onto her fingers, and then she greased up my arse. It felt odd having someone touch my anus, but it was cool too. I giggled as my sister's delicate fingers fluttered around my tight hairless arsehole.

"There we are," Lynda soothingly declared after fingering my back-passage a moment later. She tossed the tube of jelly aside and then prepared for entry. The tip of the greased dildo tapped at my arsehole.

"Hold still darling," Jenny told me, stroking my back, "It might hurt at first but then it'll feel wonderful. And remember, you've got my arse to look forward to afterward."

I let out a slight yelp as I felt Lynda start squeezing the tip of the dildo into my anus. I expected her to go slow but instead she pushed her way in quite quickly.

"Ah, fuck," I gasped, the first inch of the dildo now stuck up my bum.

"There there," comforted Lynda, holding me tightly by the hips to stop me from squirming away, "That's the hard part over with."

She remained motionless for a moment. I stifled my cries and suddenly felt the initial discomfort ease away. Then Lynda began to work her way up my arse. She was right when she said the hard part was out the way. It was only having the sphincter stretched open for entry that was sore. Now it was quickly growing accustomed to it's new diameter, and as the dildo was the same thickness down the shaft it was not obliged to open any further.

"Oh shit, that's good," I spluttered when half the shaft was up my rectum. It was good! It wasn't just that it didn't hurt, it felt incredible, a strange feeling that made me dizzy with pleasure. Then there was the strange psychological sensation of complete intimacy, having this cock - albeit a fake one - burrowing up my most intimate passage. I trusted my big sister and she was considerate and skilled as she worked her way into me. Soon she had pushed the whole shaft up my arse and I could feel her pelvis pressed to my buttocks.

"Shit, is it all up there?" I asked.

"It sure is darling," Lynda said, "You horny little slut James! Taking a big dildo up your arse! Yes, you're my horny little slut, bent over and fucked!"

We both giggled. Then Lynda began to bugger me proper, easing the shaft to and fro in my tight arse. I was assailed by incredible sensations.

Jenny frigged her wet cunt as she watched, licking her lips. Lynda was grunting pleasurably.

"Does it feel good?" Jenny asked my sister.

"Yeah!" replied Lynda, buggering me, "I mean, there's no physical sensation of course, not for me anyway. I don't have nerve-endings down this dildo! But it feels great as, y'know, a weird role-reversal thing. Me, a woman, arse-fucking James, a bloke. Mmmm. Great fun! You having fun James?"

"I sure am sis! Fuck me! Fuck me harder."

"Oh yeah, he's getting into it like a proper slut," declared Lynda. She bum-fucked me at a greater pace. My cock was incredibly hard and I could tell it was because of the incredible sensation of the dildo that was lodged in my bowels and stretching my sphincter.

After a few more minutes, Jenny grew impatient.

"Give us a go," she said to Lynda.

"Okay honey," chirped my sister. She eased the dildo out of my arse. I groaned at the sensation of my rectum emptying, suddenly feeling hollow once the fake phallus had slid out of me completely.

There was a changeover, Jenny taking the strap-on and fitting it hurriedly to her waist. Lynda knelt next to us, keen to watch the proceedings. Soon enough Jenny secured the dildo to herself and proceeded to fuck it up my arse. It went in easy this time, my anus already loosened, and soon my sister's beautiful red-head girlfriend had shoved the plastic shaft right up my shitter.

"Oh yeah, this is cool," Jenny gasped, "Wow! I'm gonna fuck this horny bloke, real hard!"

Jenny held me firmly by the hips and proceeded to give me a good and hard arse-fucking. She grunted and panted as she buggered me, both of us groaning with pleasure. I wanted to reach under myself and tug on my cock, but I was worried that I was so turned on I'd shoot my sperm out within seconds. I wanted to save myself so that I could bugger Jenny. I couldn't wait!

My sister watched eagerly, fingering her slick shaved twat and occasionally leaning in and sucking on Jenny's jiggling tits or to snog her. I heard the wet smacking sounds of the two babes kissing lustfully. My cock was still as hard as a small iron bar thanks to the steady buggering I was getting, but once again I refrained from the temptation to jerk off for fear of losing my sperm.

"Uuuh, fuck yeah," Jenny was panting as she thrust the thick dildo back and forth in my arse, "Stick your fingers up my shitter Lynda. Do it. Yeah!"

I then heard a long groan from Jenny, one of wild satisfaction as two or three of my sister's digits entered her bowels. Jenny paused a moment whilst Lynda stuck her fingers up her arse, then that horny red-head resumed her thrusting.

"Pull out of my little brother Jenny," Lynda told her lover a few moments later, "I bet the horny little slut is dying to shoot his load!"

"I am, I am!" I told her.

Jenny eased the phallic toy from my bottom and removed it, slinging it casually to the floor. I turned, kneeling up and stroking my throbbing seven-inch erection.

"You're going to bum-fuck Jenny now darling," Lynda told me, giving me a lewd kiss as she stroked my cheek, "You're going to enjoy it. You've never bum-fucked anyone before have you?"

"No," I admitted.

"Wahay, I get your brother's arse-cherry," giggled Jenny as she got on her hands and knees, "What an honour."

"Have you ever er...done it with a guy before?" I asked both ladies, it suddenly occurring to me that I wasn't the gender either preferred.

"Yeah," Jenny replied, casually, "I prefer women but I've had a couple of relationships with guys."

"I've only screwed one guy," my sister admitted, "Just a one-night stand. I definitely prefer women to blokes. But you aren't a bloke," she continued, still stroking my cheek, "you're my little brother."

"So don't worry," Jenny told me, "we're not allergic to cock! Now come and bugger me James! Before your nuts explode with all that juice building up in them."

I shuffled in behind Jenny, my eyes wide as I took in the beautiful sight of the woman's behind, those plump pale cheeks spread and her shaved arsehole lying between them. Her anus was already loosened from having been fingered and dildo-fucked earlier by Lynda.

"Go for it," Lynda told me, kneeling next to us and taking a keen interest in events, "Just shove your cock up there, right up her arse."

"Do it," urged Jenny, bent over before me. It turned me on even further to note that Jenny was really eager for me to fuck her.

I guided the tip of my erection to her anus and pushed, watching with amazement and lust as my purple cock-head squeezed quickly into Jenny's arsehole. She let out a long sigh, whilst I was just silent at the tremendous sight of seeing my cock actually entering into a woman's body. It was incredible! I pushed some more, sliding in another inch.

"That feels good!" Jenny purred, squirming slightly.

"Get it right up there little brother," Lynda urged me, reaching round and running her hand down my spine.

With a yelp of triumph I thrust the rest of my cock into Jenny's behind, the whole steel-hard shaft planted right in her anus. "Now fuck her," Lynda told me, abruptly pushing one of her fingers up into my arsehole. It inspired me to immediately begin fucking Jenny's arse, pulling half of my cock out of her anus before thrusting it right back in. I repeated this, again and again, quickly working up at a good pace.

"Uh, uh, uuuh," Jenny was groaning. I held her hips tightly as I built up a good sweat. My sister was still fingering my tight arsehole which was really turning me on, adding to the wave of delicious sensations I felt as I buggered this horny red-head.

I knew instinctively that I couldn't tell anyone from school what I'd been up to; fucking a woman (who at twenty-two was so much more experienced than me!) would impress my mates, but being fucked up the arse by that same woman and my own sister with strap-ons would probably make them regard me as...well, a bit of a pervert!

But still, I didn't need to brag about this to anyone, it was enjoyable in itself.

I energetically buggered my sister's girlfriend, trying to will my orgasm to hold back for as long as possible.

It was impossible to hold my sperm back for much long though. The tight grip of Jenny's anus round my pumping erection and the way my big sister had slid a second finger into my twiching young arsehole conspired to send me over the edge.

"Oh fuck...uuuh...uh, I'm gonna cum!" I spluttered, thrusting faster and faster,


"OH YEAH!" Jenny cried as she seemed to sense the moment when I began flooding her bowels.

"Holy shit!" was the rather unpoetic manner in which I announced the apogee of my pleasure, my cock pulsing as it shot forth spurts of hot cum. I continued fucking my spurting dick back and forth in Jenny's shitter, my sister stuffing two fingers to the knuckle up my own shitter in the meantime, and I almost fainted with the strength of my climax.

After six or seven pumps of cum, my orgasm began to fade. I shoved my cock to the root in Jenny's bum and spurted out a final shot of semen, and then I let out a long sigh.

"Wow," was all I could say.

"Was that nice?" my sister asked me, needlessly, easing her fingers out of my arse.

"It was," I replied, my voice shaky.

"What an energetic little fucker your brother is," Jenny said to Lynda, both women grinning.

I eased my wilting penis from Jenny's arsehole and sat back, breathing hard, my slender young pubescent body slightly slick with sweat, as were the gorgeous bodies of my sister and Jenny.

My flaccid cock was slightly slick with cum and shit, but before I could make a move to grab a tissue from the dressing table to clean it up, my sister leaned over my crotch with a hungry look on her pretty face.

"Let's clean you up," she chirped, and then took my prick in her mouth. I let out a gasp at yet another new and fantastic sensation, my own sister's hot wet mouth on my penis. She sucked and slurped away, her tongue running over the head as her lips slid up and down the shaft.

Jenny wasn't completely inactive either. She got behind my sister and started tonguing her arsehole. The room was filled with the sounds of gentle moans of pleasure and wet slurping and smacking noises. My sister sucked my cock much longer than required to accomplish her original goal of cleaning it of cum and shit and soon enough it began to come back to life. It was soon semi-hard.

"Want a suck Jen?" Lynda said to her lover after taking her mouth from my prick.

"Sure," Jenny smiled, taking her tongue out of Lynda's anus.

"Do you fancy licking me James?" Lynda then asked me.

I could only nod, struck dumb at the way, just as I thought I'd reached the limits of what these beautiful ladies would do to me (and let me to do them), they would come up with another fantastic idea.

Lynda had me lay back, stretched out in the centre of the bed, facing up with the cool pink satin sheets against my back. Jenny knelt between my legs and took my cock in her mouth. For a lesbian (or bisexual, I suppose) she sucked my cock well, although to be fair I only had one other experience before today to compare it with.

Lynda then stood over my face, her feet against the mattress on either side of my head.

She faced away from my feet, her toes pointing towards the head of the bed, so that as I looked up I could see her cunt directly above me, her firm tits above them, and beyond those her grinning face as she looked down. She then squatted, elegantly bending her legs and reaching out to hold the headboard to steady herself. I watched her glistening twat descend until it was just above my mouth.

"Lick me James," she urged me, voice hoarse with lust, "Lick your big sister's hot fucking cunt!"

This filthy talk turned me on (as did Jenny's continued sucking of my cock) and I didn't hesitate to raise my head a little and run my tongue over Lynda's glistening lips. She let out a sigh of joy and I soon began to move from just exploring her cunt with my tongue to actively eating her out. Lynda descended a little further so that I didn't have to raise my head, I could just lay there, head relaxing against the plump pillow whilst my sister gently ground her shaved vagina against my slurping mouth. I tongued her cunt deeply, slurping at her warm juices. Very shortly my cock had gone from semi-hard to a full, pulsing erection in Jenny's sucking mouth.

"Eat my cunt," Lynda urged me, voice hot with passion, "Oh yeah. Oh yes little brother, you eat pussy well. Mmmm. Eat your big sister's cunt, drink my juices. Suck my fucking cunt dry darling. UUUH! Oh yes!"

I had my tongue deep in her hot cunt and I couldn't think of a place I'd rather have my face currently wedged than in my sister's steaming crotch. It was delicious and I loved the way I was really making my dear big sister feel good!

"Uuuuh, you're gonna make me cum little brother," Lynda moaned, "Ooooh...James...James, you horny cunt-licking fucker...suck your big sister's cunt. That's it. Mmmmm."

My arms had been lying by my side and I decided to put them to use. I reached up with my right hand and I groped between my sister's bum-cheeks, which were hovering over my neck. With my face smothered by her cunt I obviously couldn't see anything, but soon the tip of my forefinger found her anus and I pushed the whole digit up it with a single thrust.

"Oh yes, James!!" cried my sister, "Oh yes! That's it...finger my arsehole...lick my cunt out...uuuuh! You're making me cum!! Jenny?! Jenny?! Leave his cock alone for a moment...give me your cunt. I must have your cunt to lick out. Hurry up!"

Jenny took my dick from her mouth and hurried over. I could just about see from my rather smothered position that Jenny positioned herself next to where Lynda was squatting over my face. Gripping the headboard until her knuckles turned white, my sister silenced her own orgasmic cries as she thrust her head between Jenny's firm thighs and sucked on her cunt just as I sucked on her's. I was sort of glad Jenny wasn't sucking my dick as I had started to worry that I'd cum in her mouth, and I hoped to fuck her arse again before I shot my load.

"Mmmm, mmmphh, fmmmphhh!" spluttered my sister, her body shaking with a prolonged climax, her tongue up Jenny's furry twat and her own shaved snatch impaled on my wiggling tongue.

Finally, Lynda's orgasm died down. She took her face from Jenny's crotch and then slowly stood up and stepped to one side. Both women looked down at me and giggled, as did I, my lips and chin slick with Lynda's juices. I breathed hard as I sat up.

"That was great!" I said.

"I most certainly agree," Lynda giggled. She knelt down and gave me a kiss, a long lingering one, her tongue slipping into my mouth. When she pulled away she reached down and stroked my cock.

"Do you wanna cum again little brother?"

"Yeah!" I quickly replied, "Definitely! Can I er..."

"What?" asked my sister, noting my hesitation.

"Well..." I began, "Can I...fuck you Lynda? Would that be okay? I mean, Jenny's gorgeous obviously, but I'd like to fuck you too."

"Of course you can my darling," Lynda giggled, "I was about to invite you to do just that. You can do anything you want with me and Jenny, apart from fuck our cunts. For obvious reasons neither of us are on the pill and we don't have any rubbers around, and we don't want to get pregnant! Well, not just yet. However, you can fuck our arses as much as you like! And our mouths. Oh, and our titties are all yours too."

"Feel free to stick your tongue in any orifice that takes your fancy as well," Jenny added with a girly snigger.

I grinned. Wow! This was a fantastic day!

"I'd like to lick Jenny's cunt, if that's cool," I said, looking at my sister's girlfriend's snatch, her lips pink and glistening, framed by a fairly thick amount of red pubic hair.

"That's a very cool idea," Jenny smiled, "You can do that whilst fucking your sister up the bum."

"Into positions," Lynda ordered us with a clap of her hands, as usual taking charge of the situation.

My sister got on all fours with her delicious bum raised. It would be impossible for me to decide which lady had the nicest arse, but they both beautifully contrasted with each other, as their bodies and personalities did as a whole. Jenny's bum was nicely plump, pale and with a nice pink anus that stood in contrast to her lilly-white skin.

Lynda's bum-cheeks were, like the rest of her flesh, a nice bronzed colour, and they were more slender and firm than Jenny's. Lynda's arsehole was hairless - like her cunt - and it was not much darker than her skin, meaning it looked a lot smaller that it really was, just a puckered ring nestling between her tight cheeks.

My sister had not been anally-penetrated yet so Jenny helped me lube her up. Instead of using jelly though, Jenny suggested we use saliva, and she promptly demonstrated what she meant by leaning down and lapping thirstily at my sister's anus. Then she let me have a go. It felt nice, licking her arsehole then gently pushing my tongue up there, similar to what I'd recently done with her cunt.

After we'd licked, tongued and fingered Lynda's anus, Jenny sucked on my cock some more, so that my proud little erection was positively dripping with saliva. Finally I was ready to bugger my sister. I shuffled up to Lynda's behind, my sibling almost quivering with impatience, eager to be buggered. I squeezed the head of my cock into her loosened, saliva-slick anus, making her yelp with joy.

"That's it little brother," she urged me, "Fuck it up me. Ram that cock right up my arse."

I held Lynda's slender hips and thrust the rest of my shaft into her rectum. We both let out long groans of pleasure.

"Wow sis, you're arse is just as tight and as hot as Jenny's!" I told her.

"Fuck it," Lynda commanded, "Fuck my arse. Give it to me James."

I proceeded to do just that, running my cock back and forth in her gripping shitter.

After I had established a good pace, Jenny got up and stood astride Lynda, facing me, her cunt right in front of my face.











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