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The day they had all been waiting for was finally here. The girls pulled into Julie's driveway and stepped out of the van bare assed naked. Julie was wearing only her badly stained panties and bra, along with torn stockings and garters. Julie was also chained tightly. Her wrists were joined completely together and her feet had only a few links making it impossible for her to run. Julie tried to run to greet them, but the chains on her feet only allowed her to waddle. They were so happy to see each other that Julie ignored that they were naked and reeked as badly as she did.

After hugging and crying for a long time, Julie looked at them and asked "What happened, why are you naked?" (Chapter 2 will explain that all) It was obvious Madame and Mistress Nancy were too emotional to explain anything so I took charge.

"Julie take our Owners into their rooms and let them bathe and rest for a bit. I will tell you what happened as we shower."

With that Julie brought Madame and Mistress into the house. Julie owned a large house with a heated barn on 10 acres of property which gave her complete privacy. The house had 2 Master bedrooms with larger bathrooms. There were 3 other bedrooms with very large showers. She settled them both into their rooms and ran a nice bath for them with scented oils.

Once they were settled in, Julie and Becca went into Julie's bedroom. I smiled at Julie "I love your outfit girl. You look so nasty and sexy."

Julie explained "I wanted to show our Owners how much I loved them and thought they would appreciate it, but I doubt they noticed."

"Trust me Julie, they noticed, it is just that it has been a very difficult time for us. Something happened on the way down. We were pulled over by what we later realized were fake cops. One of the 'cops' was a fat male named Dennis and the other was a sadistic woman named Jeannie. She was stunning, but had a real vicious streak in her. They kept us for an entire day all the time fucking and abusing us over and over again."

"When they finally released us, they took our clothes and made us drive the rest of the way naked. Did you notice the vicious stripes all over Mistress Nancy's body. She took the worst if it all. Jeannie gave her a vicious whipping, pissed on her and even shit on her."

I nodded as I remembered seeing what a mess Mistress was and just thought she and Madame had some nasty fun.

Becca continued "The worst part is Jeannie made Mistress orgasm, over and over again. That humiliated Mistress more than anything. You have to remember Julie, Mistress is a doctor, not a whore like us. Madame came too, but she is used to that. Mistress was really very badly shaken. She is not used to being humiliated like that. I am worried about her."

The girls went into the shower together and washed up and then put on fresh stockings and garters. They then went to check on their Owners. Madame and Mistress Nancy were clean, but naked. They did not even have stockings on. Mistress was sucking on Madame's tits, it seemed to have a soothing effect on her.

Madame spoke first "Girls, Nancy and I had come down here with something very important and wonderful that we wanted to discuss with you, but now were are not certain. As you can see, Mistress is a wreck."

Julie and I got to our knees in front of them and lowered our eyes and I said "I know what happened to all of you. Trust me nothing has changed." Mistress just cried even harder.

Julie looked at all of us and then said to Madame, "May I speak openly and honestly please?" They both nodded and Julie continued "Becca told me what happened and I can't imagine how terrible it was for all of you. But I do know this - Mistress you saved their lives!"

Mistress looked up and said "Bullshit. I let myself be used like a cheap whore and the worst part is, I enjoyed it. I came so hard I peed myself. That is no way for a Domme to act!"

Julie next words shocked us all "You are right this is bullshit! Mistress do you really think you are so much different from us. Jeannie got under your skin sexually and emotionally. She knows as we all do, that all of us have an urge to submit from time to time. You enjoyed it, so what?"

Mistress was angry "How dare you speak to me like that Julie! You stupid girl! How can I ever expect any of you to respect me after you saw me like that? Covered in shit and piss and cumming like a $2 whore. How can I expect you to marry me when you know the horrible things I have done, how I debased myself like that for everyone to see."

Julie and looked at each other in shock when we heard the word "marry." Julie said "You want to marry me Mistress?" Mistress was too upset to talk so Madame said "Yes girl, Mistress planned on proposing to you, just as I planned on proposing to Becca."

Before either Julie or I could react, Mistress said "Forget it girls, it is all ruined now. I have been exposed as being a filthy whore."

I had never seen Julie as angry as she was, she went over to Mistress and actually slapped her in her face. Julie screamed "How dare you think so little of us that we would think any less of you because of what happened. All 3 of us have loved you for over 40 years and now you want to throw that love away because of something you had no control over?"

"So you came while you were being assaulted, so what? It even happens to women when they are being raped. Sadly it is just a physical reaction to stimulus. Do you think just because you are a doctor and a Domme that you are immune from that?"

Julie was on fire now. All I could do was marvel at how bold Julie was acting now. "Mistress, you allowed that woman to abuse you in the most disgusting ways possible. But you did that to protect Becca and Madame. From what Becca told me, if you had resisted, that lunatic might have killed you all! Your sacrificed your dignity and pride to save them."

"Now you think because of what happened that any of would think less of you? How shallow do you think we are."

Madame stood up and viciously kicked Julie on her "lady parts" (balls) Julie fell hard to the ground and grabbed at herself as she rolled around in agony. Madame said "You are a slave and a whore. How can you possibly think what you said to Mistress was acceptable?"

Madame moved as if to slap Julie, but Mistress said "No Lily (Madame's name), Julie is right. I have been selfish. I made this all about my feelings without considering everything else."

Mistress got on her knees and kissed Julie. "That took courage girl. Thank you. You took a great risk in saying what you did, but you had the courage to say it and I needed to hear it. The truth is that I did enjoy what was done to me and that pissed me off. Now I understand why I enjoyed it."

"You showed me another side of myself and another side of you. Goodness Julie, I never knew you could be so forceful. I like that dear." Mistress reached for Julie's hand and brought it to her cunt, Mistress was soaked.

Mistress stood up and reached for her handbag. She reached in and took out a small box. "Stand up julie." Once Julie was standing, Mistress got on her knees and opened the box. It had an engagement ring in it. Mistress said said "Julie, will you marry me?"

Julie cried and said "Oh Mistress, I have wanted this for so many years. Yes!!"

Mistress was not done yet. She reached into her back and took out a fur lined leather collar. The collar had inscribed on it "SLAVE." There was a tag hanging from the collar that read "Property of Mistress Nancy."

Mistress said "I want you to be my wife and slave. I was afraid after what happened to us coming down that I could never expect anyone to be my slave, but your words made me realize how wrong I was. Thank you for that Julie."

Julie was sobbing and said "Being your slave would be a great honor. Thank you Mistress." Mistress reached around Julie's neck and snapped the collar and then locked it in place. I ran to Julie and got on my knees and hugged her.

Suddenly we heard Madame say "Becca stand up." I did as told and then Madame got on her knees and presented me with an engagement ring and a similar collar. After I accepted (of course) the 4 of us did a group hug. That is when I realized we are all naked throughout the entire time.

I laughed and said, "Maybe Dennis the fake cop was right. I guess we are all whores."

Mistress' face lit up and smiled as she slapped all our asses. "We are whores and I for one am proud of that." Then she said, "Madame and I had made the decision to marry you girls, but as far as we are concerned it will be a 4 way marriage. We can all fuck one another as we have been doing all these years. Our marriage will not change that." Then she looked at Julie and I in our new slave collars and said "Are those terms acceptable girls?"

Both Julie and I got to our hands and knees with our asses high in the air we crawled to them and kissed their feet submissively. We looked up and smiled and answered in unison "Yes."

Mistress spoke to us both. "Girls, later this week Madame and I are going to make an important request of you both. However before we do do, we have to set things straight about what happened to us the other day and make sure that I am still worthy of such a request."

"Julie, I appreciate all that you said to me, but I do have a special need. I want you to see how badly I was humiliated and how much I actually enjoyed it. Can you dominant me the way Jeannie did? I need you to see that side of me before we get married. There will be no limits, you may do whatever you want."

Julie nodded, "It would be my honor Mistress. Now get on your knees and kiss my feet."

Mistress responded immediately and it was obvious she was enjoying this. Mistress' cunt was swollen from excitement.

Julie took the key to the lock for the collar around her neck and took the collar off and placed it around Mistress' neck and locked it in place. "From this point on you are my slave. I will call you 'Nasty' instead of Nancy, is that understood?"

'Nasty' nodded. "Yes Mistress Julie, thank you so much."

Madame looked at me and said "Becca, I want you to do the same to me. You have rarely seen me in my 'slave mode,' but I think you should as well."

I pointed to my feet and Madame got on her hands and knees and crawled to me. As she her big tits swayed side to side. "Your name will be 'Fat Mama' and I will humiliate you in ways you can not imagine. Do you accept those terms?"

"Yes Mistress Becca, I do." Becca removed her slave collar and placed it around 'Fat Mama's' neck.

Julie said "Today is Monday. None of us will shower for a while All throughout the week you will both suffer as Becca and I abuse you. Until that day, both of you will do whatever Becca and I demand of you. After we are done, if you both still wish to marry us, we will do so next week."

Both of the new slaves nodded their heads silently. For the second time today, all I could do was marvel at Julie. I have never seen this side of her. I could only guess at what was running through Julie's kinky mind.;u=10615

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