Waiting patiently, surrounded on all sides by a dark curtain but unable to see it due to my blindfold, I adjusted my kneeling position; both of my hands were handcuffed to the back of the chair in front of me, my mouth forcibly kept open with a spider-gag with my knees tucked up keeping me kneeling, awaiting a tall, dark haired man who very shortly was going to use me however he wants and I couldn't be more excited. His name is Loki, Yes. THAT Loki.

Outside of the curtain, I could hear the faint murmuring of a large crowd; the excitement of knowing that several hundred men were sitting out there, all of them naked, to watch me get fucked every which way by the God of Mischief, who I personally think should be renamed to being the God of Fucking. Suddenly, I hear the curtain whoosh away, revealing me to the crowd.

"Good evening gentlemen!" I hear Loki exclaim as I moan with excitement through my gag, "You're all in for a treat tonight as you get to watch, this lovely lady here get fucked every which way" I suppressed a moan at the excitement of what is to come "Gentlemen" Loki continued "Start jerking" I hear Loki's footsteps as he comes back towards me, they begin to multiply and I hear multiple Loki voices. He created clones of himself to use me I quickly realised to my growing excitement.

Feeling a hard cock pressed against my lips, I eagerly open my mouth wider and take in his cock. Its big, bigger than I expected but I get to work by swirling my tongue around the head of his cock; I gag slightly as he pushes it further in and down into my throat. He holds it there "Good start slut" Loki encouragingly states, I feel my pussy go even wetter as he talks dirty to me "Get ready for some more" as two of the clones step closer and slap my handcuffed hands with their cocks.

Taking the hint, I wrap each hand around a separate cock and begin stroking as best I can in my restraints whilst I eagerly attempt to push the main Loki's cock further into my mouth. I hear the murmurings of the crowd increase in volume, they're loving the sight of me being used by 3 cocks.

I keep stroking and sucking until I feel something rub across my pussy and onto my clit, I jump slightly at the electric jolt of feeling what I desperately hoped was Loki's cock on my pussy, I silently willed him to stick it inside of me.

My wish was granted.

Loki pushed what felt like 9 inches of hard cock all the way inside me, stretching me and filling me up, and then he began thrusting.

It was all I could do to keep sucking on the cock in my mouth as I surrendered myself to my pleasure. I kept hearing snatches of what Loki was saying "Good girl, keep going"..."worship my cock, slut". All that existed for me, was my mouth, my pussy and Loki's cocks.

Loki pulled his cock out of my mouth "Tongue out" he commands. I stick it out as quickly as I can, as Loki slaps his cock on my tongue before he pulled away. I moan through my spider-gag as I feel hands on my boobs, rubbing my nipples before pinching them.

"What about some clamps?" Loki calls out to the crowd, a moment later I feel him pinch my nipples and put the clamps on my nipples. The crowds murmurings grow louder as their excitement increases. I shudder with excitement as Loki begins punishing me; the Loki fucking my pussy begins to smack my ass. I jump slightly with each smack as my excitement grows

Loki shoves his cock back into my mouth and forces me to deepthroat it again "Come on, you can take it" He growls primally. I force myself to take it deeper, as the Loki fucking my pussy and the Loki's in my hands all begin to act primal. Loki suddenly pulls out of my pussy leaving me yearning for it back, until I feel him stick one finger into my ass and begins fingering my ass, Loki quickly follows that up with a second finger as I eagerly await his cock.

It doesn't take long for Loki to rub his cock on my ass before he slowly inserts it, inch by inch until his entire cock is buried in my ass; He starts slowly thrusting in and out, building up speed as I adjust to his size and girth. Both of hands are put back onto my hips to pull me back onto his cock harder, I feel one hand leave my body before hearing a buzzing noise. Loki had created a vibrator out of mid-air

Loki started by running it across my back and over my legs, I felt my pussy positively drip as I awaited the feeling of the tell-tale buzz exactly where I wanted it. Loki teased me by putting the vibrator onto my mons before finally giving in and planting what felt like a magic wand on my clit.

My orgasm nearly exploded right then and there.

5 minutes of ass-fucking and cock sucking later, I finally came.

My mouth went slack with Loki's cock still in my mouth, my hands began to tremble as I struggled to keep my grip on the 2 Loki cocks in my hands. Loki kept the vibrator right on me as my body trembled and quivered with the waves of pleasure radiating from my pussy. Loki's cock buried deep in my ass kept me grounded as I surrendered myself to my passion.

After my orgasm subsided, Loki pulled his cock out of my ass and stuck it back into my pussy; "Get ready, all 4 of us are going to cum inside you one after the other" He whispered in my ear. Loki let out a primal growl as he shot his cum deep inside my pussy, he continued to thrust as he shot multiple loads of cum inside me before pulling out. Loki withdrew from my mouth and went around and put his cock inside me; the Loki that had just cum, came around and told me to clean his cock which I did with gusto as another Loki orgasmed inside of me.

Loki repeated the same process two more times, filling me with 4 different loads of cum all from Loki clones. The feeling of the hot cum inside me filling me with joy as Loki made his final address to the crowd.

"There you have it, your Main Event slut" Loki proudly declared. "Give her a round of applause" I smiled the best I could through my gag as the crowd showed me their appreciation for my performance.

I hear the curtain fall as Loki comes back and unties me, I look up at his face, his long hair a tussle from his complete domination of me; looking into his eyes I felt so happy I did this.











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