"These will have to go," I told her, "stand up."

She was beyond resisting and she did as she was told. Without asking I reached both hands under her dress and tugged at the waistband of her panties. What appeared was small and expensive and already stained dark with her juices. She stepped out of them and knelt back down. In front of her eyes, I lifted them to my nose and inhaled their scent. She blushed and tried to avoid my stare. I tossed them over my shoulder and reached under her dress again. I pulled sideways on her knee and her legs spread easily for me. I stroked up the inside of her thigh and found her pussy already wet and eager. I looked at Alice who was waiting for an answer.

"I think she'll be fine as she is," I said and took my hand out and held up a juice-sticky finger. I offered it to Alice who grabbed my wrist and pulled it closer. She breathed in its scent and then slipped it between her lips. I felt her tongue wrap itself around as she licked it clean, savouring every drop. She let me have my hand back before turning her attention to Linda, who was looking shocked at our behaviour.

"How do I ..."

"Just hang on to Alice and kneel astride it," I said, taking charge, "we'll help you, don't worry." As she swung one knee over, she reached out a hand and Alice held it firmly. I tried to help by pulling up her dress to stop it getting in the way but really because I wanted to watch this moment. She was too far wrapped in the moment to even notice, let alone protest, when I put my hand on her pussy and gathered some of her juices. I used them to coat the rabbit toy. I was just trying to make life easier for her. Both Linda and I had shaved off our pubes ages ago. Linda was almost the same apart from a thin landing strip of neatly trimmed black hair that had a curious novelty. I tucked her dress well out of the way as she slowly lowered herself. She used a hand to hold the toy and guide it into herself. slowly she sank lower and it disappeared inside her. She stopped briefly when the rabbit ears touched her clit but then began to relax. It wasn't as bad as she had feared was her general expression.

She saw me pick up the remote and her eyes widened. As it was her first time I wasn't going to be as mean as she had been, and I started her off on one and left her there to become accustomed to it.

"How's that?" I asked her.

She simply smiled and nodded and tightened her grip on Alice's hand. I took her up to two. I was determined that this was going to be slow and very memorable for her. Her eyes closed and a frown of concentration settled on her forehead. When I turned it to three her mouth opened, and she started to breathe more quickly. Alice shuffled sideways to get behind Linda. Somehow, she also managed to wriggle out of her skirt. The machine was just long enough that she could climb up behind Linda and put her arms around her. I knew from having tried it that the vibration of the motor could be felt throughout the whole thing, so Alice was getting her own thrills although far less intense than Linda. I turned them both up to four.

Peering over Linda's shoulder, Alice grinned with delight. I watched as Linda responded to the new level. She was already tense and close to the edge. Perhaps watching Alice and I had readied her more than she thought. I looked at Alice and she nodded. She held her close, one hand accidentally finding Linda's breast. When I turned it up to five it happened. Alice held her firmly which was just as well as her orgasm was almost violent. She bucked and threw herself about as her come gushed out of her and trickled down between the sides of the machine and her thighs. It was a beautiful sight.

I turned the machine down but only to two. I felt Linda deserved more. She slowly relaxed and her head fell back to rest on Alice's shoulder. With a gentle hand Alice turned her head and kissed her on the lips. I still wasn't sure of the history between them, but Linda's response made me think this wasn't their first kiss. I watched them for a long time before I decided to take back control. I turned the dial past three and went straight to four. It did the trick, and they broke their kiss.

Linda looked at me with shock, perhaps she thought she'd played her part and it was over. Alice also sensed it through her seat on the machine. She smiled at me and winked. As she started to lift Linda's dress, I turned it to five. Linda barely noticed as her dress was pulled over her head, her arms lifting compliantly. Naked, she was even more gorgeous. She had such pretty breasts, small and pert and, as far as I was concerned, totally gorgeous. Alice immediately took one of them and cupped it and took the nipple between her thumb and fingers. It stiffened at once and stood out proudly. I played my part by turning her up to six.

She was struggling to concentrate. She had strange and new sensation coming at her from every angle. She was leaking profusely, and Alice was working on her other nipple. Her face was shiny with sweat and tremors constantly passed through her. I took her to seven and she came almost at once. Her reaction this time wasn't as violent as before but seemed to go on for far longer. Alice held her gently as her body went slack. Her eyes rolled back, and I think she fainted very briefly but was quickly back with us. Alice planted kisses along her neck and shoulders. She seemed completely spent and I abandoned any plans I had for a third orgasm for her. That could be another day. And I was now sure that there would be other days. Linda seemed to be in another world as I turned the machine very slowly back to zero. I put down the remote and came closer. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, thanking her. What an afternoon she had brought us. Alice looked grumpy so I kissed her as well. An unspoken conspiratorial message passed between us. We had done something extraordinary.

Together we gently lifted Linda off the machine. She still seemed incapable of cooperating. We managed to get her as far as the bed and we laid her down gently. Alice and I looked at each other from opposites sides and our smiles said it all. We gazed down at the naked Linda, now soundly sleeping. Alice and I looked at each other. There seemed to be only one thing to do. I stripped off my dress and climbed onto my side of the bed. Alice's sports bra disappeared, and she climbed on the other side. Together we snuggled into Linda who grunted and moved slightly but stayed sleeping. What would happen in the future I had no idea, I just knew I was eager to find out.











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