Author's Note: This story is based on real events between my friend and me after several months of flirting and lusting.

Standing in the kitchen door frame, I watch as you approach the house. You turn to come up the front steps, and my breath catches in my throat. Anxiety and anticipation course through my body. I quickly spin into the hallway, out of sight. My heart pounds in my chest, my body shakes, and doubts swirl. "I can't believe we're doing this!" my mind screams. I close my eyes and flash back to the hot tub just a few nights ago. My pussy clenches suddenly, and I gasp, releasing the breath I had been holding in a slow shudder. Taking deep breaths, I slowly calm myself down.

Still working to control my breathing and racing heart, I turn the corner just as you come into the front door. You look up, taking in the sight of me in a black silky robe, and smile. Doubt slowly melts away as I watch your gaze sweep over me. Thoughts of the things you said you would do to me flirt though my mind. I move towards you slowly, tentatively, realizing with each step how wet I've become. As I come close to you I can literally feel the attraction in the air. Just being near you makes every nerve in my body feel like it is on fire. I stand in front of you. You slowly move your hands along my arms, up to my face and kiss me. My knees buckle and a soft moan escapes from my throat. We kiss in the doorway. Gently, we explore each other, savoring this initial moment together. We both know where this is going to lead, but we've longed for this for so long. You nuzzle down my neck, planting soft kisses, breathing in my ear. My pussy tightens.

"Shall we?" I say, my voice low and husky with lust. We make our way to the bedroom. As soon as we are inside you immediately begin undressing me. You pull the robe off and sit me down on the edge of the bed. Our lips met, tongues swirling. Your hands grapple with the clasp of the lacy, black negligee I'm wearing. Breaking away from the kiss, I reach back and help you undo the clasp. You kiss along my neck and slowly slide the straps down my arms. You lean me back and take my left leg in your hands. Starting at my ankles you softly kiss along my leg. Up my calf, inside of my thigh, until one last lingering kiss on right at the edge of my ever dripping pussy. I moan, calling your name. You switch to my right leg and slowly repeat the process. My back arches and my breathing deepens. You reach my pussy and give it a slow, long kiss, lapping up the wetness flowing out of me. You look up at me and smile. I struggle to catch my breath.

Desire running rampant, I stand up and pull you with me. I slide the negligee off, exposing my small, firm breasts. I stand before you, completely naked. Your eyes drink me in and you reach for me. Your hands wander over my body as we kiss. You push me back down the edge of the bed and kneel in front of me. Knees straddling you, you press up against me. I pull your shirt over your head and kiss along your neck and shoulders. You begin kissing down my neck, along my breasts, down my tight stomach as you gently push me to lie on my back. Your mouth finds my pussy. Your tongue caresses the folds and my clit. I'm lost in the sensations as you kiss, lick, and suck on my dripping wet snatch. I feel the first orgasm build deep inside me. Building and building with every movement of your tongue. Crying out, I grip the bedspread tightly in my hands. I moan your name as the orgasm sweeps over my body. You continue sucking and lapping at my pussy as it courses through.

I barely have time to come down from the first when I feel the next start building. You continue to suck at my soaking wet pussy. I bring my feet up to the end of the bed, allowing you to slide your hands under my tight ass and cup each check as you pull me closer to you. I watch as you attack my pussy, driving me absolutely wild. My pussy is a soaking mess, my nipples hard as rocks. My orgasm continues to build and pulse through my body. Pressing my feet down, I arch into the air. Your mouth clamped to my soaking cunt, nibbling on my clit. The orgasm courses through my whole body causing the muscles in my legs and abdomen to spasm. My orgasm roars through me. My whole body convulses, but it doesn't seem to end. It continues to pulse and build, build and crash over and over again. I have zero control of my body. My legs clamp around your head and I find myself grinding against your face. The stubble of your chin scratches at my pussy lips, giving me friction with your tongue bathing my soaking wet cunt. Slipping and sliding my pussy over your mouth the orgasm tears through my body over and over again.

"Delicious," you say as you pull away from my pussy. I quiver at your words. I desperately try to regain control of my body.

I'm unsure if I've been having one large continuous orgasm or a thousand consecutive.

While you stand and take the rest of your clothes off, I work to slow my breathing, calm my racing heart, and sooth my continuously throbbing pussy. I stand up, weak in the knees. You lay on your back. Your cock sticks straight up in the air. I kiss along your pelvis and tops of your thighs. Slowly I kiss along your cock up to the head. I take you in my mouth, careful to barely let my lips and mouth touch it. Teasing you, I lightly trace my tongue along your shaft. As your cock exits my mouth, I lightly swirl my tongue around your head. I repeat this process. Barely touching your dick with my lips and tongue, I tease and torment you. Finally, your cock all the way in my mouth I wrap my lips around the base and gently suck as I pull up. My tongue flicks along the shaft as I bob my head up and down. I swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, feeling along the ridge. I take you all the way in my mouth. Deep throating you, I suck and flick my tongue. I watch you as you writhe on the bed. I take satisfaction in the sounds and noises that you are making.

We make eye contact. My breath catches and my pussy clenches again when I see the unfettered desire in your eyes. The reaction I'm causing in you, the sounds of pleasure and lust, moans and heavy breathing, causes another orgasm to begin building. I lick along the shaft of your dick. I kiss along the inside of your thighs as I wrap around my hands around your cock. Using my mouth and hands I continue to pleasure you. The more you moan, the more the heat in my pussy builds. Finally, I erupt, cunt contracting and throbbing through my orgasm. I engulf your throbbing cock and moan and scream around it, through my orgasm. Our eyes make contact as I climax. I let your cock pop out of my mouth to catch my breath. I lick and kiss all along your cock. Again I inhale your cock. Sucking, licking, and stroking you, I use my mouth and hands in unison. Another orgasm begins to build inside of me, and I quickly explode again. I cum without touching myself. I cum solely from the response and pleasure that I am able to give you.

Coming down from my most recent orgasm, I lay my head on your thigh, panting heavily, still gently caressing your cock. "I want to fuck you," you say and even though I've had more orgasms than I can count, my pussy still pulsates at the words. We both stand up. You take my face in your hands and kiss me. You nibble on my lips, run your hands along my face, down my neck, my arms, and up my back. I tilt my head back and moan. My knees buckle under me. You kiss and lick along my neck and shoulders. "Turn around and bend over," you whisper in my ear. Quivering in anticipation, I turn around and place my hands on the edge of the bed. I wiggle my ass in eagerness as you run your hands down my back and along my taunt butt cheeks. You fondle my ass, savoring this moment. You've been lusting for me for so long. All the taunting by bending over in front of you, finally you are about to take me from behind. Your cock slides into my soaking wet pussy with ease.

You relish in this moment, letting your cock rest in my pussy. Feeling along my silky smooth butt and down my thighs, you slowly begin to thrust. Your hands come to my waist as you set the pace and rhythm. "Smack my ass!" I cry out as you pick up momentum. Your hand comes down upon my cheek with a satisfying pop. The small pain sends chills through my pussy and body. Again you smack my ass, now pounding with reckless abandon. You alternate hands and butt checks. You grab my hips and pull me tighter to you, forcing your cock as far as it can go. I scream into the bedspread as you continuously pound me. My ass straight up in the air, my dripping pussy throbbing. You grab my hair and pull my head back. I reach around to stroke your balls, rolling them around in my hands. You reach a hand around and give me your finger to suck on. I feel hot and erotic as you pummel away at my pussy. I roar through orgasm after orgasm.

"Oh god...I'm going to cum..." You moan. I immediately pull away, spin around, drop to knees, and eagerly take you into my mouth. I suck and slurp on you. Desperate to please you as much as you have pleased me, I swallow your cock. My left hand caresses your balls, tugging lightly. My right hand reaches around and grasps your ass. I pull you deeper in me, deep throating, sucking, and licking your cock until you can't take it. I feel your balls tighten. I hear your moan become more frantic. "I'm going to cum..." You moan over and over again. I know you are getting close. I know you want to see your jizz spray all over my face, but I want to taste you so bad. I switch to only stroking you. With quick thrusts, I edge you closer and closer. I tilt my head back, my mouth open, and look up at you. I lick at your cock. "Cum for me," I whisper. I feel the first spurts of your orgasm and aim it into my awaiting mouth. I can't take it anymore; I quickly inhale your cock. I continuously suck as you shoot your load down the back of my throat. As your orgasm abates, I slowly glide my mouth up and down your cock, coaxing out the last little bit of cum. I plant a gentle kiss on the head. Your whole body shudders as you whisper, "Fuck..."

We both collapse on the bed. Now shy and completely in awes of the encounter we just had, we hold each other. Gently we caress one another as we quietly discuss the amazing experience that just transpired... & context[]=uploadedBy:taxesimi

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