When this lovely lady was brought on stage to sing a couple of songs with the band, Lute learned her name was Tracy, that she was a friend of the bride and had sung at the couple's wedding. And at closer inspection he confirmed the dishwater blonde was tall and quite pretty, and that her tits were just as sumptuous as advertised.

Like most of the wedding party, Tracy had downed a few drinks, so she dove enthusiastically into her singing. And when Lute encouraged her to share his microphone and join him singing back-up vocals for the rest of the set, she readily agreed.

After the band closed out with "Chain of Fools," giving Tracy the lead vocals to channel her best Aretha Franklin mojo, some of her girlfriends came up to gush over her performance. Overhearing their conversation as he packed up his gear, Lute learned she had a one-year-old son she was nursing but who was back home in the city with her husband, that she hadn't had this much fun since she got pregnant, and that her boobs were about to burst because she hadn't expressed any milk since before the reception.

After Tracy's friends moved off, she came over to Lute to talk. She had flirted with him throughout her time on stage, and now suggested he come back to her room for a drink before she had to go off to the after-party.

Once he'd loaded his gear into his van and said goodnight to the band, Lute took Tracy up on her offer, eager for the chance to continue indulging in the erotic pleasures of lactating women.

The wedding reception was held on the grounds of a big old brick mansion that had been converted to an inn some years before. Lute had played there a number of times and knew the layout well, so he ducked through the kitchen and took the back stairs up to Tracy's room.

He rapped lightly on the door, and when Tracy opened it, she quickly pulled him inside and pushed him against the wall, smashing her mouth against his in a long lustful kiss.

"I hear you have a huge cock," she gasped as they kissed, reaching down to massage his growing bulge

Laughing as he groped her breasts, Lute replied, "And I hear you have leaky tits."

"God, they're so full!" she said with a laugh, "I really need to milk them, but I'd much rather be with you!"

"Maybe I can help you do both," Lute whispered as he undid the back of her dress, letting it slide to the floor.

To his great pleasure, Lute saw that Tracy was wearing a nursing bra, just as he had hoped. And when he unsnapped one of the flaps and pulled out a big milk-laden udder, he glommed his mouth onto its gumdrop-sized nipple and began to suck. And within moments streams of milk jetted onto his tongue.

"Oh, god, yes, thank you! Thank you!" Tracy moaned as Lute took in her motherly offerings while sliding a hand into her panties, finding her pussy to be as juicy as her tits.

While Lute leaned over and suckled on her full breasts, Tracy ground her cunt onto his hand. "God, yes, Lute, that feels so good!" she moaned as he slurped away, "I wish my husband would do that to me!"

"Wait, what? He doesn't like to suck your tits?" Lute mumbled in surprise while slurping away on her distended nipple.

"No, he thinks it's gross!"

"Then he's a fool! This is the best!" Lute said as he maneuvered her onto the bed so he could better attend to their lusty needs.

Stretching her out on the soft duvet, Lute kicked off his shoes and knelt beside her as he resumed his tit sucking. And yanking down her panties, he shoved his fingers back into her twat, seeing it was surrounded by a sexy mat of bushy light brown fur.

Excited to explore the huge bulge in Lute's pants while he continued working over her tits and pussy, Tracy hurriedly undid his trousers and soon had them shoved down far enough to release his turgid tool from his briefs.

"Oh, yeah! The girls weren't lying about you!" she exclaimed as she gripped his thick shaft, "This is a fucking monster!"

Momentarily content to just stroke Lute's veiny beast, Tracy moaned as he brought her to verge of an orgasm by spreading her legs wider apart while driving his hand into her pussy, flicking her clit with his thumb.

"My god, Luther, what are you doing to me?" she gasped as he expertly worked her over - sucking on her engorged tits while hand-fucking her dripping pussy. Then succumbing to her first orgasm in weeks, she writhed and screamed, oblivious to who might overhear her in the adjacent rooms.

"Oh, god, yes! Yes!" she wailed as she came, her cunt gushing juices onto the bed while her left tit streamed a spray of milk into Lute's mouth, "God, yes, yes...yes!"

Once she had come down from her orgasmic high, Tracy was no longer willing to just stroke Lute's huge tool. So she got in position and dove onto the head of his thick cock, shoving it into her stretched mouth while groping his shaft.

While she got acquainted with his huge meat, Lute slipped out of his remaining clothes. Once naked, he reached down and gripped her ass cheeks and shoved a finger up her bung, which elicited a startled response that told him she wasn't used to being handled this way. But she moaned and moved her ass back against its intruder, indicating she was enjoying his rough treatment.

When Lute decided she was ready for more, he grabbed her head and drove his cock down her throat, causing her to gasp and gag before she looked up at him with a nasty smile, teary eyed and with mascara tears running down her cheeks. Then after taking a moment to catch her breath, she dove on for more, taking his slick member deep into her maw again and again, spitting on it for lubricating effect. As she did, he continued working his fingers up her asshole, learning from her surprised squeals that it was indeed virgin territory - her husband apparently having as little interest in her rear portal as he did her milky tits.

After Tracy gripped his cock and sucked earnestly on his balls, Lute gave her another first-time experience when he shifted forward, grabbed his shaft and moved his ass onto her face.

"Lick my ass, baby!" Lute whispered to ensure she was clear on what new nastiness he was suggesting, "Yeah, just like that, rim my asshole. Yeah, that's right, that's right!"

Repeatedly running her tongue from his dangling nut sac, across his perineum, and up into his bung, Tracy explored more of what she knew her husband would never condone. And once both of their assholes had been sufficiently plundered, Lute mounted her chest, sliding his huge cock between her juicy tits.

"Squirt some milk on my cock baby - get it all lubed up," Lute whispered as he grabbed one of her tits and helped her spray down his thick tool. Then as Tracy pushed her engorged tits together and wrapped them around Lute's cock, he began to tit fuck her.

Her husband had a very normal size cock that would have disappeared inside her fleshy cleavage, had he ever actually ventured to put it there. But despite her breasts' swollen state, Lute's meat stuck out from her soft tit-buns like an oversized sausage, allowing her to suck on its big head each time it emerged.

Continuing to hose down his cock with sprays from her milk-laden tits, Lute's slick tool slid back and forth between her udders like a well-oiled machine. And as he grabbed her shoulders and worked his cock back and forth in her fleshy envelope, he drove it deep into her mouth, giving her the full big cock treatment she was lusting for.

"Yeah, baby, suck it! Suck it!" Lute moaned as she hungrily worked her mouth over his truncheon, still amazed at its sheer length and girth, transported by the carnal possibilities it offered.

Seeing it was time to get her pussy ready for its full invasion, Lute slid down her torso and planted his face in her crotch, shoving her legs apart and raising her hips so he could work his mouth over her gaping twat.

Gasping as he ate her pussy and flicked her clit with his tongue, Tracy began to cum yet again. "Oh, my god, yes! Yes!" she wailed as he dove deeper and harder into her cunt, lapping up and down as her juices ran down her thighs and all over his face, "Oh, fuck, yes..yes...yes!"

But just as abruptly as he had attacked her cunt, he dropped her hips and mounted her, shoving his strapping cock into her pussy and driving it in with a forceful thrust that made her scream in surprise.

"Oh, my god!" she squealed as his cock stretched her pussy to an extreme she hadn't felt since birthing her son, "Oh, my fucking god, yes!" Spreading her legs wider apart, she gave him full purchase of her salacious cunt, writhing about in a frenzy as he continued ravaging her pussy with his monster meat.

Soon Tracy had cum more times with Lute than she had altogether in the past few months with her husband, and was moving to such a state of delirium that she began to cry and moan, begging Lute to fill her with the cum that she could sense building inside him, preparing for its release.

"Yeah, baby, give it to me! Give it to me!" she wailed, wanting to feel his implosion of seed inside her, "Give it to me!"

But when he finally unloaded, it was with such a ferocious ejaculation that she felt like a tsunami had swept through her pussy. And then after his initial blast, he roughly groped her tits as he continued to discharge more torrents of spew.

She was now rendered speechless, his cum gushing out of her cunt and streaming down onto the bed, making her feel like some wanton slut - and relishing it all.

"Yeah, baby, her it is! Here it is!" Lute groaned as he continued driving his slick cock in and out of her pussy. But before he was finished cumming, he quickly pulled his tool from his lover's cunt, rocked her back, and shoved his still-hard member into her ass. Letting his last spurts of jism flood her rear portal, he drove his cock up her virgin chute, his big balls slapping against her sweet cheeks with each thrust as he annointed her ass with the last of his seed.

Tracy was now completely overwhelmed as she moaned and writhed in disbelief at the thorough fucking he had unleashed on her, wondering what could be next.

But just as he began to slow his cock's deep slides up her ass, two of Tracy's friends knocked on the door and giggled as they told her they were heading off to the after-party, and that she should join them once she was done "napping".

Dripping in sweat and various other bodily fluids, the couple headed into the bathroom so they could get cleaned up and on their way. But as Lute stood behind Tracy while they showered, he squeezed her big nipples, letting the last sprays of her built-up milk mix with the steamy water and circle down the drain.

PART THREE: Katherine

Lute's second summer with the university's landscaping crew was, by all measures, a pretty good gig. He got to spend his days outside tending lawns, trimming bushes, and generally taking care of the college greenery. The pay was decent and his dozen or so student crew-mates were a likeable bunch. They worked out of the grounds department headquarters dubbed "the barn", an old brick building on campus that had once been a horse stable but now served as the office and equipment storage area for the landscaping crew.

Lute's crew was run by Katherine, "Kat" to all who knew her. A married young woman who had graduated a few years before, Kat's dad was a landscape architect, so she had worked summers on his crews since she was a kid. As a result, she could fix a lawn mower, sharpen tool blades, and when needed, operate a backhoe.

She was working in the grounds department while her husband finished a doctoral program in archeology, and she had been put her in charge of the summer student crew. But since she was now pregnant, she mostly worked out of the barn and drove around campus in a truck-like golf cart, checking on her crew and pitching in as needed.

Kat was tomboyish with short brown hair, a pretty face and a mischievous smile. And she had a fine body that had grown even more voluptuous as her pregnancy blossomed. Now, instead of her usual jeans and t-shirt outfit, she often wore a pair of overalls that better accommodated her growing stomach.

And since it was the late 70's on a liberal college campus, Kat sometimes went without a bra, which suited Lute and his compatriots just fine, because her tits were things of beauty. The crew was mostly guys, and each of them lusted after Kat, but she treated them all like younger brothers, called them by their last names, and never let on that she knew they wanted to jump her bones.

Kat's husband, Theo, was spending the summer on a dig somewhere in the Southwest. Kat and Theo had met on just such a dig several summers before and she would have preferred to be out there with him doing field work. But with her pregnancy, and money being tight, she was making the best of her summer, working for the grounds department and living alone in the modest grad student house the university provided.

One rainy Friday afternoon at the barn, Kat and some of the crew had extended their lunch hour card game while waiting for the weather to clear. And when it finally did break and they headed out to finish their projects, she pulled Lute aside and asked what he was doing that evening. She was hosting her friends' monthly poker game and they needed another person to round out the table, so Lute gladly accepted.

No surprise, Kat's friends were an interesting group and Lute, a decent poker player, quickly hit it off with the gang and ended up winning big. When the last hand had been played and the group set about cleaning up, Lute, as the night's winner, was tasked with taking a full box of beer bottles and cans to the central recycling area of the grad student housing complex. And by the time he found the recycling bins and returned, Kat's friends were gone.

Handing Lute a cold bottle of beer as he joined her in the kitchen, Kat congratulated him on his poker playing. And though she'd been her usual confident and funny self throughout the evening, Lute noticed that she was acting a bit different - almost shy - as she drank a ginger ale while he sipped his beer.

Instead of her usual work clothes, Kat wore a soft white knee-length muslin dress. She wasn't wearing a bra, instead opting for a camisole. She glowed with a rosy pregnant radiance, and Lute's cock started to swell as he admired her ample breasts.

As they sat talking at her kitchen table, Lute asked about her husband and what he'd be up to that weekend at the field camp.

Kat laughed and told him that archeology field camps were pretty much like freshman dorms, and that lots of drinking and tent hopping took place, especially on weekends. So she suspected Theo was, at that moment, fucking some comely undergrad. Just as she had done with him several years before.

"I'm okay with him sharing his sleeping bag, as long as I get to do the same. That was our deal when he left," she said with a sly smile. "But the funny thing about being pregnant is that it's made me horny as hell. So he definitely picked the wrong time to be away. I'm dying for sex."

"Yeah, I've heard being pregnant does that to some women," Lute said with a knowing nod, and then guessing why she had arranged for them to be alone, he added, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Well, I'd love your help, Casey, but here's the thing," she said as she reached across the table and gently touched his hand, "I don't want any of the crew guys to know, okay?"

"Got it. No problem."

"Thanks," she replied and then paused before asking, "So, have you ever done it with pregnant chick?"

"Nope. Never."

"But you'd like to try?"

"With you? Absolutely!"

Kat scooted her chair next to his and whispered as she leaned in for a kiss, "You're so sweet, Casey. And I also hear you have a really big cock."

"So I'm told," Lute whispered as one kiss moved to another. And when Kat stood up and gave him a sultry look, he followed her into the bedroom.

While she lit some candles, Lute sat in a wooden chair by the door, plotting how he wanted to handle things with this new lover. And after the candles were lit and she looked at him with a demure "Okay, so what now?" smile, he decided to take charge.

"Take off your dress for me, Kat," Lute said softly, "Show me those big tits you've been tempting me with all summer."

Standing near the end of the bed, Kat kept her eyes locked on his as she undid her dress buttons and let it drop to the floor, leaving her in only a camisole and panties.

She was four months pregnant and her belly wasn't yet huge, but it had a nice bump that protruded out from under her raised camisole.

"Keep going, baby," Lute said as he took a pull from his beer.

Wriggling slowly out of her panties, Kat showed him her big patch of untended brown lawn. And then, getting into her strip-tease act, she spread her legs and touched her pussy.

"My pussy is so wet these days," she whispered, "It's so fucking wet!"

"Show me," Lute replied.

Lifting a foot up onto the bed, Kat gave him a big beaver shot as she spread apart her brown labia, revealing just how red and juicy she was inside.

Nodding for her to keep going, she slid a finger into her pussy and tilted her head back as she sighed and probed her twat, shuddering as she diddled herself, "Oh, god, yeah."

While she slid in a second finger and slowly continued working over her pussy, Lute slipped off his shirt and jeans so he was now in just his underwear, its crotch stretched to the max by his swollen member.

Seeing that Kat was enjoying pleasuring herself, Lute gripped his shaft through his briefs and held her sultry gaze.

Then finally raising her eyebrows in a "Ready for this?" expression, Kat dropped her foot from the bed and slowly lifted her camisole, exposing her swollen breasts and their big dark areolae and nipples. With her eyes still fixed on Luther's, she lifted one of her tits and squeezed its dark nipple until it oozed colostrum, the liquid gold that pregnant women produce before their milk comes in. Leaning down and licking it up from her tit, she smiled seductively at Lute and whispered, "Mmm...yeah."

"God, you're a sexy woman," Lute said as she squeezed her other tit and gave it the same treatment. And when she was done licking off the last of her thick golden cream, Lute instructed her to lie back on the bed. When she did, he stood at the edge and slipped off his briefs. As he gripped the shaft of his hard ten-inch beast, Kat looked on wide-eyed, taking in its length and girth.

"Sweet Jesus, Casey! I had no idea!" Kat exclaimed as she scanned his huge member, "My god!"

Then sliding headfirst onto the bed like a runner stealing second base, Lute changed the subject as he planted his face in her wet pussy and began lapping at it like a thirsty hound. And given that Kat had been on the verge of an orgasm ever since she had slipped off her dress, within minutes she began to thrash and groan as she came.

"Oh, yeah, Casey, yeah, yeah, oh, fuck yeah!"

With her pussy gushing like an artesian well, Kat kept cumming and groping her tits while Lute continued slurping, shoving his face deeper into her spread cunt until she finally dropped her hips and gave a deep satisfied sigh.

"God, I've needed that so badly. Oh, thank you, thank you!" she moaned as Lute wiped his face on the bedspread, "I really wanna' suck your big cock, but god damn Casey, I want it inside me. Please? Will you fuck me now?"

With a nod and a smile, Lute spread her her legs apart and mounted her, rubbing the bulbous head of his huge organ against her clit. To her surprise, this caused her to slide into another orgasm - or perhaps it was a continuation of the previous one, she couldn't tell, because from that point on she seemed to be in the throes of one long climax, writhing and moaning non-stop in a prolonged orgasm that surpassed anything she had ever experienced.









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