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28th Mar 2019

Live Music in Spain, towards a European model

Isabel Villagar, Spanish vocal coach, explains some questions about professional musicians and live music in her country.

I consider it necessary to give visibility to the reality of music education in this country and the reality of professional musicians.

The sector of the arts in general and of music in particular sin of a lack of union. We have to make a great effort to cohere and remain united and for this it helps that we take the step of belonging to professional associations, in my case I am a delegate of two.

I try not to alarm but to pose an objective reality, to make pedagogy is part of the work and to put in evidence the problems is the first step to begin to solve them.

The issue is that neither the musicians themselves know they have serious problems because they have not looked beyond their day to day.

Greater cohesion of the sector to be able to have strong cultural industries is important but without the help and support of public administrations it is impossible to do it. They do not pay much attention if there is not enough social mass to claim it. At some point you have to break the snake that bites its tail.

Some aspects to improve

Among other measures are necessary:

- more scholarships for music students and for the acquisition of musical instruments,

- modern music in public conservatories and public music schools,

- professional recognition of music studies, professional qualifications,

- greater opportunities at the start of the musicians' careers,

- that the conservatories adhere fully to the universities,

- further reduction of the cultural rate,

- Improvement of the social consideration of the musician ...

There is much to be done but it is totally feasible, it is not a dream but goals to be met in the shortest possible time to match Europe and not lose the

train of cultural progress, which is so linked to the economic, if not one of its train cars fundamental!

I have recently attended as Director in Valencian Community of the Delegation of the Association of Professional Musicians of Spain, participating in the round of questions and opinions at the end of the talk "The new reality of live music", which was called the table of debate, is one of the axes of AMPE-Musicians since its inception.

Legal changes

We are pleased that in the Valencian Community the law of shows has been modified in this term in order that young people can attend live music concerts in the premises that program them accompanied by their parents if they are under 14 years , with the authorization of parents or legal guardians from that age up to 16 who can attend without it.

This measure will make the next generation of public used to attending live concerts from any age. It is especially important to understand that live music is culture and is very necessary to give professional support to the sector.

It is already beginning to be seen in the halls that families begin to attend the concerts and increases the number of young people.

The musicians are made on a stage

The role of the halls (pubs, coffées) that program live music is fundamental for the development of the musicians themselves. Musicians need spaces that allow them to grow and develop their careers from the beginning.

On the other hand, the law has also modified the fact that locals (pubs) that have authorization to put "canned" music now can also offer concerts in acoustic, without needing to request additional licenses, according to the law, that is, respecting the schedules and the decibels legally allowed.

In the debate, this measure has highlighted that it may give rise to the picaresque that any local program in any kind of conditions and as a representative of AMPE-Musicians I added that it is not only the competence of legislators and organizers to guarantee the security of the event but also of the musicians themselves to demand minimum conditions to develop their work.

We understand that we need a lot of professional guidance towards musicians and from the Association of Professional Musicians of Spain we have proposed on many occasions to the different public administrations the possibility and the need to create orientation offices and cultural entrepreneurship in which the professionals of the culture (it is not necessary to remember that music is) can receive employment guidance as any citizen who attends SERVEF (Valencian employment and training service) or local development agents.

The sector will be much stronger and much richer if each of the agents is clear about their role on the game board.

In conclusion

It is important to reflect on:

* the need for union among the various actors related to music,

* and the importance of achieving an equalization in terms of musical culture at the level of the most advanced European countries.

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